Orange Crush Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

THC: 15% - 22%, CBN: 1%

Known for its citrus aroma, Orange Crush is a popular sativa-dominant hybrid that delivers moderate cerebral effects (80:20 sativa/indica ratio). THC levels top out at about 22%, so it isn't the most potent medical strain. But the euphoric effects are pleasant, with increased energy and creativity. CBD levels are very low, about 0.05%, so this strain isn't ideal for patients whose disorders respond to that substance. Orange Crush is the offspring of California Orange, and Blueberry, an indica. The head high is upbeat and happy, perfect for a gloomy day. It can be used to treat depression, anxiety, pain, and migraines. Dry mouth is the most common side effect, followed by dry eyes and dizziness. Paranoia and anxiety are also possible but rare. Like other Orange varieties, Orange Crush has a strong citrus aroma and flavor, with distinct notes of sweet oranges. The appearance is also reminiscent of oranges, with vibrant gold flecks amid the bright green bud. This strain is most popular on the West Coast, in Colorado, and in Arizona, but isn't hard to find in most other places.
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I got some 2 different times that came in at 27%+. I can’t smell or taste too good but I can smell and taste this though. Strong orange smell.Very effective for pain considering this is only 20% indica. I love the way this makes me feel. Right now this is my top wake and bake strain. Anyways I think it is a must try for anyone who loves orange or citrus strains. Very strong clear head buzz. Very good for anytime of the day or night.

Consumption Method: BongEffects I Feel: Calming, Happy, RelaxingHelp Me With: Anxiety, Arthritis, FatigueAromas: OrangeFlavors: Citrus Orange

Without a doubt, consistently delivers and it’s as if I have a new life. New attitude, feelings, perspective. No stress, buzz with no pain whatsoever. Very chill, optimistic.

Excellent tasting herb for sure. The heady high is an excellent way to still function and avoid the couch lock common with other strains. Cerebral for sure, excellent choice if you want to enjoy the head rush and yet still be functional. Great daytime smoke for sure! It really helps with my neuropathy, the affects deaden the pain and allow a more enjoyable day without the stabbing and burning associated with neuropathy.

I work from home. I do a job that requires creativity. This strain is PERFECT for that! It makes you happy, uplifted, creative af :D Makes you want to craft💖 An antidepressant from the Earth. I have the worst anxiety, always nervous, erased with this strain! Def try💚

I beg to differ with the above review. This strain tops out a lot higher then 22% I found some at Nectar in Gresham that's 32.09%. So yes this can be a potent medical strain. It's a very good strain with uplifting affect. I can get a lot done

Ok I've tried this once... but OMG! I suffer with sever depression and anxiety. I've been super down, haven't cracked a smile in ages. A bowl of this gave me the best night with my husband and teenage kids last night. Laughing and joking all together. Thanks to the Maker and Trulieve. Will update again after a few more bowls ;0)

This strain is awesome! Great for uplifting and happy/content. Good smoke for morning time or anytime, wonderful for nervous system issues, without the couch lock. Boost creativity. One of my favorites, alongside blue dream.

This strain is happy and uplifting. It's perfect for morning wake up, and also good for nervous system issues. Its one of my favorites, next to blue dream. Excellent medicine without couch lock.

This strain is to me a top shelf mid, for what that’s worth. Initial aroma of the bag, is very very loud in scent with a potent popery mix of diesel, earthiness and subtle citrus. The appearance of the nugs are absolutely gorgeous small dense compact and glistening and trichromes. The flavor is smooth but not as smooth as other citrus strains such as orange Kush or Tangie however the subtle citrus taste is still there.. in my opinion it’s a harsher smoke then the other two strains mentioned, effect wise it does give you a kick in the ass to do some thing however at mentally cloud you so it’s a bunch of energy for nothing. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to smoke just for the sake of being stoned. Won’t be a priority on my list but I would get again if it was available

2nd time trying this strain and I am definitely NOT a fan of this one. It smells great and taste good as well, very citrus (which I love) but it didn't look great. It was very steamy (with huge branch like stems) and small buds. It vaped extremely harsh but smoked a little better in a bowl. It's definitely a Sativa dom strain, most of the high is in the head. It's a light mental high with some heavy physical head effects (it's not much of a mood changer but you can feel the high.) Unfortunately for me it's a real spacey/airy kind of high (luke you feel zoned out and empty headed) which I personally don't like at all.

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