Sour Tangie Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid Strain Sativa Dominant Hybrid 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

THC: 21% - 22%

Sour Tangie is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) strain created as a cross of the hugely popular East Coast Sour Diesel X Tangie strains. Like its parent strains, this bud is most infamous for its insanely mouthwatering flavor. Sour Tangie has a smell of pungent sour citrus that has an earthy diesel bouquet as the bud is smoked. The taste is of sour earthy citrus that has a sharp pungent diesel aftertaste upon exhale that intensifies as you smoke. Sour Tangie buds have medium-sized grape-shaped dark olive green nugs with bright surprisingly pink undertones, rich purple hairs, and a frosty layer of lavender hued fine crystal trichomes. The Sour Tangie high boasts a combination of indica and sativa effects that are powered by a relatively high THC level that falls up to 22% on average. The high starts with an elevating head buzz that jolts you with motivated energy and a slight sense of focus. This head high is accompanied by a relaxing and warming body buzz that lulls you into a state of lethargy and ease that doesn't quite put you to sleep or cause couch-lock. Because of these well-balanced effects, Sour Tangie is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic fatigue, mild to moderate cases of depression, chronic pain, and muscle spasms.
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Sour Tangie strain was purchased thru one of my medical licenced cannabis producers (Aurora ).. it usually ranges from 17-23% When i purchase this its always 21-23% for max effect.... hands down one of my favourite tasting strain along with wedding cake etc Aroma great and a bang on energetic sativa with no jet lag indica effects

Sativa for life!

Great for sex. Leaves you aroused and full heightened senses. Pain free and full of euphoria.

While it's heavily sativa dominant, this strain expresses powerful hybrid effects. The effects of both parents shine through, having a particularly strong body high accompanied with heavy, psychedelic sativa effects. The sour diesel genetics create a boost to creativity and energy, and in combination with tangie's genetics cause a heavy-handed euphoria that's excellent for treating a wide range of mood problems, as well as appetite issues and chronic pain. The flowers of sour tangie capture the flavors and scents of it's parents perfectly. The sweet and sour citrus scents of the tangie pair incredibly well with the dank, fuely scents of the sour diesel, creating a smoke that lingers on the tongue with lemony and diesel aftertastes. Dabs of the strain are very flavorful, being extremely sour, lemony, and skunky, with hints of orange and classic diesel. Definitely one of my favorite strains, both for it's scent and flavor, and incredible effects. The strain can be a little intense for new smokers, but offers powerful medicine to those that need it and is sure to impress even the most seasoned smokers.

This is my absolute favorite flovor of all time (at this time) Makes me super happy and silly.

Awesome for construction workers...lmao

Most memorable tasting bud I've ever smoked - almost like a marijuana version of a sour patch kid. Extremely pungent while fresh and well, very very sour. The high was fun, less 'stable' than some of my favorite sativas, and a bit of unpredictability due to its strength and haze, but I was still functional and enjoying it. And yeah.. the taste.

I don't typically go for anything over 70% Sativa, but there are exceptions such as Sour Diesiel, Green Crack, Tangie, Blue Dream etc and my current favorite Sour Tangie. This is light green bright orange hairs super kiefy, sticky, and omg the terps/smell of this are remarkable I would say EPIC actually this is straight tangerines extremely potent scent so unique!! The odd thing is I had just come across another strain called "Forbidden Fruit" and it smells literally the exact same as the Sour Tangie I put the two side by side and I couldn't tell a difference and the Forbidden Fruit is completely purple almost black, the most purple strain I have ever seen in 20 years, even turns your water purple, It is like the Indica version vs the Sativa version......both are in my top 10 . If you have the chance to get Sour Tangie I would suggest you don't hesitate, this is one everyone should have fun with!

just bought my first bag ever of it and let me tell you,it smells like a friggin orange grove or something in my room when i open the bag or smoke it.i look forward to the fresh first of the morning test tomorrow,5-27-18 to see how good it really is but overall i give it a 2 thumbs up!!!

Very clear headed high. This had as clear headed high as any strain I’ve tried, it isn’t extremely thought provoking but positive and very clear headed. It is great for for lasting nausea relief and kept migraine at bay, but after it wears off a bit I got a little restless. This may be perfect for some people who don’t have issues with restlessness; It was not the best possible value for me because I do, but I still liked it. The avb cookies weren’t that great, weak. The plant material in the buds was soft, delicate, and a little light weight for the size; this bud is very unlike kush. This bud stayed tasty and fresh tasting in the jar for well beyond a month. I prefer this to regular sour diesel by quite a bit, but not as much as tangie either alone or crossed with just about any thing else non blue, non purple, and non high cbd.

Nothing special, I had they honeycomb clear oil cartrige.

I found a mate for life! Sour Tangie you had me at first hit.this is like finding out there is a med for your personality type! Or like me, just ending relationship with boyfriend & still stuck with his stalker ass because he paid rent in full. So he's trailing me as I go about day & i go to this new dispensary, buy this strain outta curiousity as my ex bad mouths me to clerk. it's vibrant smell with earthy citrus notes are noticable & Im feeling confident as the scent subtely travels to my face then nostrils.i smoke the joint in car sitting by my ex. I never smoke in my car but i needed it that bad. Instantly i relaxed after smoked. Then slowly it unfolded in my mind & body & for the first time in a l9ng time, I feel like me again! So thankful!

One of my fave citrus strains, tastes great and nice cerebral high.

Uplifting,but melloow,if that makes sense :-)

🐸🍊 Sour Tangie has a killer creative buzz and it's flavor and smell are AMAZING! Probably the strongest citrus smell I have ever encountered with any strain. I like this more than Tangie, Kosher Tangie and Sour Diesel. The high is the right kind of sativa balance I love. Whoever decided to bring these strains together, I commend thee. I would recommend it over any other 80%+ sativa.

A very good strain for PTSD. Tried Crockets Sour Tangie from Greenleaf 1st time opening in Nob Hill here in Alb. today 02/01/17. Also a very good mood booster, that smells as good as its effects. Nice citrus flavor and smell. Great in water piper and pax2. Not a racey sativa but a strain that fits in with blue dream category of great morning vapes.

Really fucking good. Gas!

I have it in hash form and vaporize it. gives a controlable high. not fenomenal on that department but what makes it special is the sweet taste and smell while using it. so it is great to tickle your sences. Note to self: it is good as a snack for combining for my dieting with cannabis method. gives a bit munchies but not binge more of a tasting.

Very good wake and bake strain. The aroma fill the house.Sweet Sour Citrus smell and flavors. lightly heady. its not a real head banging sativa. Nice relaxation in the lower back and joints areas. Very energetic high and it really makes you want to enjoy the day.

Very nice, almost surreal head high with a riveting flow of physical pleasure, head to toe. Tastes sweet and pungent, very nice flavors out of a vaporizer. All around very pleasurable and enjoyable high, with a lingering buzz that lasts for hours.

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