Ultra Sour Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 70% Sativa / 30% Indica

THC: 20%

Ultra Sour is a rare sativa dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) strain created through crossing the powerful MK Ultra and East Coast Sour Diesel strains. With a super potent THC level that bottoms out at about 20% and long-lasting heady effects, Ultra Sour is not to be underestimated! Ultra Sour smashes into your mind with a rush of focused cerebral energy that leaves you ready to work on any mental task at hand. You'll feel an increase in creativity and motivation that gets you ready for artistic undertakings or creative problem solving. A sharp pang of hunger will creep over you as you start to come down from this high, so be ready with some snacks on hand! Thanks to these heavy-hitting effects, Ultra Sour is recommended for the experienced user suffering from conditions such as chronic stress, migraines or headaches, chronic fatigue, depression, appetite loss, and nausea. It should be avoided if you suffer from anxiety or paranoia due to its heavy cerebral nature. This bud has a super sour lemony diesel flavor and a spicy aroma to match. Ultra Sour buds have fluffy oversized bluish green spade-shaped nugs with bright fiery orange hairs and a coating of dusty amber colored crystal trichomes.
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Just got this at my local Truelieve, and it did not disappoint. Nice and smooth taste, and within a few mins I felt focused, happy and maybe even a little giggly. Perfect for my day time strain and I found a little goes a long way. Will be getting again for sure!

Nice aroma that should please most any user, a heady mix of sweet and sour with just a hint of skunk. Smokes decently well, though it's great taste and smell can induce us to take bigger hits that result in coughing and the harshness that goes along with that. Cerebral high comes on quick, builds steadily to a nice, uplifting euphoric high. Not racy compared to many sativas - a very pleasant balance of energy and relaxation. Overwhelming feelings of warmth and happiness abound, doesn't make you too chatty but no couch-lock either. A slight heaviness in the eyes and steroidal case of munchies, but no negative side effects noted from moderate dosage. High lasted 2.5 hrs (about average for me) and had smooth, steady letdown. Think a lot of people that dislike sativas might really enjoy this sativa dominant strain, assuming they use some moderation.

Super powerful mixed strain... last at least 20% extended time over any other sativa dominant strain I recommended 100% atv all times