Asian Fantasy Marijuana Strain

Asian Fantasy is a 100% pure sativa strain that is often praised as "The Holy Grail" of cannabis with a THC level ranging from 17-24% on average. The genetic of this strain are unknown, although legend states that it is known to only one person who refuses to share the secret and was lost when the strain "went extinct" many years ago. However, this is false – Asian Fantasy is alive and well! This dank bud has dense bright green nugs that strangely resemble a clasped crab claw and are specked with cherry red furry hairs. The nugs are caked with trichomes and have visible drops of resin sprinkled throughout. This bud has a memorable sweet and sour aroma with a fresh sweet and spicy taste that becomes harsh upon exhale. Users have described the Asian Fantasy high as a "Mini Burning Man" experience, in which they are spacey, dreamy, and meditative, lost in their own psychedelic world within their minds. These intense psychoactive effects are accompanied by a light tingly warming sensation throughout the body that leaves you feeling utterly relaxed and at peace in your own world. Due to these potent effects, Asian Fantasy is an ideal strain for treating patients suffering from conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, and chronic stress.
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Amazing smell & high!! Probably my favorite strains of all time. Grew an early spring crop & this stuff is awesomely delicious 😋. Get guitar s out & write some songs!!!

Good Sativa. Well recieved by others and I enjoy it as well.

Asian Fantasy is excellent for daytime pain relief... and I should plant my seeds for next season.. but working with a new Strain here in California... Still in Veg ... Cookies n Queen..Super Schtinky too.. a Heavy Trichome Genetics incredible “ strain( male) Master Cookies ( Forum Cookies x Space Dood) x Master Splinter has crossed with Brothers Grimm “ Queen of Soul” thus the newbie ... I want to keep the Asian Fantasy 100% sativa... and the Garden might have to wait for the right time to plant the seeds of Asian Fantasy that I pulled from buds myself! Free The Seed...

Was so excited when i saw these Sativa buds as they were dense with tons of fine & droplet trichomes. The smell to me of the buds were fruity & the taste was fruity with pine. The Sativa high was fine but, it was nothing special. Barewoods Bare Farms grew what i smoked & their Buds are not cheap. It is said to be a rare bud so, i'm glad i got to try it and now i am moving on :)

If you've seen this on literally every "Top 5 Strains For Sex"-list out there, you're not alone. I tried this strain out, and, uh, perhaps it's for the ladies? Strong (mine was lab tested at 24%THC), kind of psychedelic high (yes, somewhat fun), but, er, let's just say that it "relaxed" my junk a little too much. Ahem. The man who smokes this will have fun, but if his intention is some lovin' I'd call this a major must-avoid. On the other hand, it strongly enabled a kick ass conversation and cuddling session with my very understanding partner. If you're a dude looking for an herb that is more, er, "invigorating", look to something like Skywalker OG instead.

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