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Hank's Dank is a cultivator and grower of cannabis. View the strains from Hank's Dank that have been tagged on dispensary menus on AllBud.

Hank's Dank Producer

After you experience Hank's Dank, you immediately want to make sure you buy more. Also, you find yourself wondering if you should tell anyone or buy as much as you can before other people find out how good it is. Over time, this may be a commodity that demand will outweigh supply. Hank, I hope you have or will figure that out. Quality to me is key, and this bud is it. Do you or I want to try other strains of marijuana? Of course. However, I do not want to be without Hank's Dank. If somehow I could keep a rare discovery of Hank's products a secret, I would. I would personally guard it. I love the quality, consistency, packaging, and of course the smoke. Buy it while you can. Thank you Hank!

Hanks Dank is amazing. The packaging, the smell, the smoke. I'm smoking Blueberry right now, and I love it. It smells amazing, not skunky but refreshing and fruity. The smoke is smooth, and tastes great. Something I find to be quite rare. I tottaly recommend Hanks Dank to anyone looking looking for good quality greens.

I used to be a hardcore Hydroponic smoker, one day early last summer I met Hank: Hank told me how I would hate him for this but I needed to try some all natural buds, and when I did it would be hard to go back to my old connection. Well he was right, once I tried some Hank's Dank Blueberry I was hooked! I could not find that flavor or effect in any of my old haunts, there is something about that springwater that beats the hell out of any big city organic with big city public water. I don't know what it is but this stuff is some of the best ive ever had!

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