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1961.3 miles, Medical, Storefront, Delivery
Hours Today: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm Closed
8612 Paseo Alameda Nw, Suite E , Albuquerque, NM, 87113

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11:00 am - 6:00 pm
11:00 am - 6:00 pm
11:00 am - 6:00 pm
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I love this place. All the people who work for the company are amazing. Their prices are reasonable. I have been going to them since they were in placitas and have never had an issue. Thank you again Natural Don't listen to the people who talk trash...they have nothing better to do..

consumer fraud, false advertising. Natural rx prerolls are about .75 grams instead of a full gram. (without the wrapper) they also lie about the thc content of their weed and overcharge for everything

Head Shop. You can do better with product and service buying off the street. Inexperienced, rude, thug like employees made me uncomfortable. Stay away any one is better than this bottom of the barrel dispensary.

Started out with this dispensary because it is convenient, and with a PTSD person, driving is an issue in this town. I am happier having the New Mexicann deliver to my house. I do not like to place my order, then sit and wait to pay. Ridiculous. The customer service has gone by the way side. They are also overpriced.

Happy hour? More like buy some of this garbage outdoor we picked up from Colorado for pennies on the dollar. Garbage , garbage, and more garbage. They will text messages you that they have "happy hour" and all these flashy names....... even capatilzing on names like Gorilla Glue #2 It is all outdoor cannabis from Colorado, $50 an ounce up there. They bring it here and pretend it's good medicine. Shame on you. I've had better medicine bricked and brought from Mexico .... If you are going to offer sale prices , you should offer sale prices...... Not some garbage mass produced by our friends to the north. Only thing missing from my "happy hour" medicine was seeds. If the medicine has some hues of probably shouldn't sell it as medicine. Thank you for trying to offer a economic solution, but you have failed me and others. I purchased this medicine, garbage, and now what am I to do? Have a terrible rest of my week? I medicate with it and think about how I should of spent the extra money on good medicine. I think about how I should of shopped someplace else. I think about how you were allowed to text message me that this "happy hour" was available and waste my time to come visit your store. I will not allow you to disappoint me again.

Saddened by the vile remarks some have made ....I have always been treated well by the staff ...and never felt that they were stuck up or anything ....only wish they would do bottom of the barrel specials to help us poorer patients

Too expensive compared to other's same product. Too many little games promoting themselves to get people to come in. Natural RX functions like some stuck-up high end retail store tempting their customers with little games. I like HD because the products are strong, and they are aligned with the purpose of the dispensary. Don't go to Natural RX until you compare because so many other's offer better meds at better prices AND WILL TREAT you better as well. I left and soon enough, you will too.

This place functions more like a head shop as opposed to a medicinal dispensary. For one, their prices are horrendously high when you compare to other dispensaries. For example, their Blue Dream strain is weak and 2 to 3 dollars more than other dispensary. They treat customers like can't move around the shop, you can't use your phone etc, they try to control all your moves while forgetting they only exist because of their customers. It looks nice but that's it. These people are there to help themselves only; they have no interest in other's well being. Rude, thieves and arrogant. Too many other dispensaries with a management that respects their customers. One has no idea when you can buy at a discount because you have to wait for some text from them announcing "Happy Hour..." Give us a break...this is medicine. If not "Happy Hour" then it's some other gimmick to get you to the store. Can't Natural RX act like what they are?...A medicinal dispensary...They are nothing more than a HEAD SHOP! OH, here's one good thing....the head shop is open with long hours. Their strains are so-so to weak. If you go to a different medicinal dispensary, you'll get stronger strains. This customer is also gone!

I was sending you this email for a few reasons. First I loveĀ  the strains you carry and I really like the prices! My new favorite is Super Sour Fire OG! It has a nice lasting high, dense buds so it burns slow and tastes great, I love this strain! I've gone in a few times and every time its been great but this last time, I broke up 2 small buds and there was 15 seeds! Truly I don't care about a seed or two. Im only telling you because it kind of caught me off guard. I have the seeds saved in the bottle the cannabis came in. This will not stop me from stopping in and buying! It was just a comment, I truly don't mean any disrespect. Thank you for taking time out to read this, @marchichie on twitter

I disagree with the poor selection post and the comment that they are rude. The follows that work at this dispensary are professional and anything but rude. I been using them after trying several other dispensaries when I got card in 2015 so it's been 3 yrs now and they educated me as well as explaining which strain would help me the most, they were right then and any advice I've gotten was on the money. I believe that this is one of the best dispensarys in the area, and I personally want to thank them for the help and advice they have given me because I feel that by following that advice they have improved my life.

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