10 Most Popular Indica Strains of All Time

10 Most Popular Indica Strains of All Time

No one’s really been counting. Backlot dealers haven’t been keeping statistics. And, even where sales have been legalized, no one has collected enough data to list the most popular Indica strains. Still, there wouldn’t be much of surprise that the most popular are still popular.

Given the medical potential in Indica strains, there won’t be many surprises. And, with seed-to-sale data collection, we’ll also have sophisticated information-bearing data before long.

10 popular Indica strains then and now!

1. Chenmdawg ranks high on everyone’s list. It’s a favorite of breeders and users. Attributed to Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead, it has a strong and pungent diesel smell with effects often considered a “gold standard.” The strain is a slightly Indica dominant hybrid with a 55: 45 ratio. Its 19% THC delivers a clear brain preceding a sleepy heavy stone.

The woodsy, earthy taste may have a hint of berries. But customers don’t buy it for flavor and aroma. It hasn’t slowed its use or availability, but medicinal marijuana dispensaries will be pitching it for ADHA, anxiety, arthritis, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, migraines, and PMS. If you’re into growing, it is a durable plant for inside or out, but the smell will give you away.

2. True OG (Kobe OG) has no reason to be ashamed of the word “true.” A multi-award-winning hybrid, its genetics are a closely guarded secret at Elemental Seeds. You will smell the kerosene, skunk, and Pine-Sol before you taste the forest pine. It might not bother those interested in 15% to 24% THC. (Some report 30%.) It will hit high and hard leaving you couch-locked, droopy, and exhausted. It’s powerful and euphoric and too much for first-time users.

It does treat chronic pain, headaches, insomnia, and nausea related to chemotherapy. But even veterans will find risk in higher doses and its concentrates. For those with a lot of experience, True OG makes a good smoke-alone experience, partly, because the aromas will keep others away.

3. Wedding Cake (Pink Cookies) was born of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies. It’s a little sensitive for home cultivation by new weed farmers. On the other hand, the aroma won’t give your grow room away. You’ll smell cherry, cinnamon, and sage and taste them plus lavender, musk, and sandalwood.

A 70% Indica, it boasts 18% THC. (Some tested at 27%.). That means an intense hit with sedating after effects for anxiety and stress. Still, others treat chronic pain, fibromyalgia, insomnia, Multiple Sclerosis, and sore muscles. Virgin smokers should think twice before starting with Wedding Cake. It could ruin a honeymoon.

4. Salmon River OG is an Oregon favorite with complex ancestry. It’s a good option for new farmers because it grows easily with little maintenance. Fragrances blend touches of blueberry, cocoa, coffee, and lemon zest.

The 20% to 29% takes a bit to show up as a gauzy euphoria, but once it does, it will last up to six hours settling into sleepy relaxing sedation. That sedation promises therapy for cramps, insomnia, spasms, and stress.

5. Pliny Purple comes from Grand Daddy Purple backcrossed with Grand Daddy Purple to produce a Merlot grape fragrance. Currently unavailable from the archives of Dusted Bud Genetics, Pliny Purple a 60: 40 Indica-dominant hybrid. That musky merlot aroma covers a diesel taster with hints of lavender and whiskey coming from its parents: Cherry Pine (California Cherries X Pliny Purple) and Santa Cruz OG (Sour Diesel X OG Kush).

This Purple offers a long-lasting high shared between brain and body before delivering a deeply narcotic relaxation. It will ease anxiety, depression, and pain —or make you forget them. And, it grows well at home with enough yield to attract commercial farmers.

6. Barbara Bud crosses Shishkaberry and an Afghani Indica hybrid father for medicinal benefits. Resilient to cold, drought, heat, and pests, it’s a good option for new growers. Floral, lemony, and herbal, Barbara Bud has THC hovering above 14%.

Users report a quick-hitting and long-lasting high with a creative and social spin. A big hit in Canada’s medical marijuana history, Barbara Bud is recommended for treating acid reflux, anxiety, depression, inflammation, and pain. Some researchers credit it with stimulating the immune system to reduce tumor growth. 

7. Big Bang comes from a gorgeous plant rich with Mardi Gras colors of gold, purple, orange, and green. It’s confirmed 22.5% THC will leave you locked and sedated. A product of feminized seeds, it doubles the quality and potency of the original Big Bang.

Heir to the benefits of Northern Lights and Jack Herer, it grows easily and yields heavily. Big Bang 2 smokes rich and smooth for chilling alone or with friends. And the heavy long-lasting relaxation may be good for bedtime but not for work. There’s no uplift or clear thinking, here.

8. Cheesy Dick, another beautiful plant with long richly purple leaves, holds a moderate 16% THC. It’s a 96% Indica out of Big Buddha Cheese and Moby Dick with a rotting cheese smell as ugly as the plant is pretty. But it is dessert-tasty.

The taste starts with cream cheese and spice turning to dried fruits and spice. Chances are you won’t remember the start of the experience because it moves steadily into a helpless couch-locked stone. Medicinal dispensaries recommend Cheesy Dick for appetite loss, chronic pain, inflammation, and insomnia. Try to raise this one at home, and the odor will betray you.

9. Purple Caper balances 60% Indica with 40% Sativa. Its unforgettable sweet aroma comes from a GDP X Sour D cross with White Widow X Unknown Pure Indica. It grows well indoors with brilliantly-green leaves to produces large flowers.

The buzz creeps up on you with a dreamy bliss that evolves into a deep and relaxing sedation, a full couch-lock before bed to manage appetite loss, chronic pain, depression, insomnia, muscle spasms, nausea, and more.

10. Peppermint Kush is not a spearmint taste. It brings its pepper from Stella Blue and mint from Nepali Kush and a 90% pure Indica dominance. It will flower in 55 days inside or outside for a bigger than usual yield.

The 22% THC excites and energizes your brain before it slams your body to the couch. Its strong relaxing effects help sleeping disorders, stress, and depression. Used with an inhaler, it treats asthma and bronchial congestion.  

There are more, of course

All sorts of Kush, most of the Cookies, Northern Lights, Blue Mystic, Brainwreck, Trainwreck, and more offer high moderate to high THC experiences. Most are too heady for new users, but all deliver significant medicinal benefits.