How To Apply For An Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card

How To Apply For An Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card

Oklahoma isn't known for being a prime pothead destination. However, the Sooner State has made it easier for CBD fans and MMJ patients to get the cannabinoids they crave. With the passage of State Question 788, Oklahoma formally legalized a medical marijuana program in 2018. Currently, the Board of Health oversees the licensing of medical marijuana cards via the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (aka OMMA). 

Applying For An Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card? — Keep These Tips In Mind

While ordering an OK MMJ card is straightforward, residents should ensure all their paperwork is in order before applying. Please remember that application fees are non-refundable, so it pays to get everything right on your first try. 

Find An Marijuana-Friendly Oklahoma Physician 

Please don't start your OK MMJ card application before meeting with a registered doctor. The OMMA will never authorize an MMJ card if you don't submit a doctor-signed Recommendation Form. This document proves you have a valid medical condition and that your physician believes marijuana can help. 

There are dozens of conditions the OMMA recognizes for medical marijuana treatment. A few of the most commonly accepted conditions include:

  • Cancer

  • Crohn's Disease 

  • Epilepsy 

  • Excessive nausea 


Even if you don't qualify for one of the conditions listed above, there's still a chance your doctor may recommend medical marijuana. Be sure to explain your symptoms and ask whether medical marijuana has a proper place in your treatment regimen.

While doctors don't have to be affiliated with the OMMA to give patients a recommendation form, it's easier to work with physicians who have experience with the state's MMJ process. New patients should use services like AllBud to find MMJ-approved doctors before scheduling an appointment. 

Please note: Oklahoma allows parents and guardians to apply for MMJ cards on behalf of minors (i.e., people under 18). However, the requirements for these cards are tougher than for adults. Most significantly, a minor needs two separate recommendation forms from accredited doctors. Guardians will also be required to submit personal info before the OMMA approves this card. 

Visit OMMA's Online Application Portal 

Once you have an official MMJ recommendation form, you can open an e-application on the OMMA's website. As you fill out your application, you'll have to submit basic info like your full name, home address, and a photo. Be sure you have a proof of residence document and your doctor's contact info on hand when filling out this form. Also, don't bother applying if your doctor's MMJ recommendation is over 30 days old. 

Please know that the OMMA only accepts Visa, Mastercard, or Discover cards for application fees. If you don't have any of these products, the OMMA recommends purchasing a valid gift card at a local supermarket. The standard cost to apply for an OK MMJ card is $100, but you may receive a discount if you're on Medicare, Medicaid, or disability. 

If the application is successful, you should get a valid OK MMJ card in the mail to your home address. As long as you abide by the OMMA's statutes, you won't have to renew your MMJ card for two years. 

Where Can Oklahoma MMJ Cardholders Get Medical Marijuana?

Let's say your OK MMJ application is approved. Congrats! So, now what can you do?

Well, once you have an Oklahoma MMJ card, you can legally buy marijuana products from a licensed dispensary. There are now dozens of approved MMJ facilities throughout Oklahoma, especially in populated areas like Oklahoma City. We'd recommend checking out AllBud's Dispensary Location tab to browse businesses in your area. Simply click on "Oklahoma," and you should instantly see detailed info on all the licensed dispensaries in your area. 

Feel free to use the contact info of each Oklahoma dispensary to ask about their products. You could also review online reviews to see what other locals have to say about each bud business. 

How Much Medical Marijuana Is Too Much For OK MMJ Patients?

No matter which OK dispensary you visit, please remember you can only buy so much cannabis.

According to the OMMA, each MMJ patient can't own more than the following limits at any given time:

  • 3 oz cannabis flower

  • 1 oz weed concentrates

  • 72 oz marijuana edibles

  • 72 oz cannabis topicals

Please also remember that smoking cannabis flowers in public in Oklahoma is illegal. Also, the state's medical cannabis laws don't apply on federal territory within Oklahoma's borders. 

Can Oklahoma MMJ Cardholders Grow Cannabis? 

If Oklahoman MMJ patients have a "green thumb," they could legally add cannabis cultivation to their home garden. As long as you keep these plants well concealed, the state allows MMJ cardholders to grow six mature plants and six seedlings. These same rules apply to licensed caregivers in Oklahoma. 

Does An Oklahoma MMJ Card Cover CBD Oil? 

Technically, MMJ cards cover medicinal CBD products, but you don't need to be an MMJ patient to take CBD oil recreationally. Under HB 2154, Oklahomans can buy and use hemp-derived CBD products. The only catch is that these CBD items must come from federally-legal hemp plants, not marijuana.

HB 2154 and the 2018 US Farm Bill define hemp as containing ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis. Therefore, Oklahoma customers who don't have an MMJ card must review each product's lab reports to ensure it meets the criteria for a "hemp-derived" product. 

MMJ patients in Oklahoma will have greater access to medical-grade CBD oils, flowers, and capsules, some of which may have more than 0.3 percent THC. Just keep in mind that if a CBD product has above 0.3 percent THC, it will count towards your marijuana possession limit. 

Will THC Ever Be "OK" For Every OK Resident? 

As a final note, many groups in Oklahoma continue to push for legal recreational marijuana. Most notably, the Oklahomans for Responsible Cannabis Action are now gathering signatures for ballot initiatives that may loosen the state's recreational weed laws. 

However, until voters pass a successful initiative, the only way Oklahomans can get legal weed is if they have a valid MMJ card. Those who believe they qualify for one of these cards should speak with an OMMA-approved doctor and follow the steps listed above. You could also keep tabs on the latest legal developments in Oklahoma and other US states by following AllBud on social media or signing up for an AllBud account.