Legends You Should Know in the Cannabis Community

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There are many legends throughout the cannabis community and culture. Some of these legends are still alive and part of the movement to end prohibition worldwide today, while others live on through their legacies. If you are new to the cannabis culture or are simply wanting to learn more about some of the most influential people in the cannabis movement this article aims to provide you with the knowledge you are after regarding legends in the cannabis community and culture.

Some legends have made a name for themselves through their advocacy efforts while others have left a mark on the culture that lives on through the genetics that we have access to today. Let's take a look at a few of the legends in the cannabis community and culture that you should know about.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer is an individual who did many things to help pave the path that helped lead the US to where it is in terms of legalized marijuana as well as legalized hemp today. Jack Herer has been an inspiration to many activists in the hemp movement and his publication The Emperor Wears No Clothes is still a very big hit today despite his passing over 5 years ago. Jack Herer is the Godfather of hemp and has helped to educate millions on the many benefits that it offers.

Pebbles Trippet

Pebbles Trippet is a lifelong cannabis activist who was at the forefront of medical marijuana legalization in the state of California back in the mid-nineties. Still to this day Pebbles Trippet can be found at many cannabis events across the country each year spreading knowledge and helping to further the movement.

Marc and Jodie Emery

Marc and Jodie Emery currently run the Cannabis Culture brand in Canada which includes an online magazine which was previously available in print, as well as a chain of dispensaries throughout Canada. Marc and Jodie Emery are leading the legalization movement in Canada by continuously advocating, educating, and performing acts of civil disobedience to bring attention to the changes needed surrounding cannabis in the country. Both Marc and Jodie are involved heavily in the politics surrounding cannabis in Canada and can be found holding press conferences and lobbying politicians across the country.

Howard Marks

Howard Marks is a legendary Welch cannabis smuggler, activist, author, father, and friend who recently passed this year. To anyone who knew Howard they would tell you he was a debonair charmer full of sophistication. He was also the face for CBD Crew and owned his own seed bank appropriately named Mr. Nice after the nickname given to Howard Marks himself. This inspirational and legendary individual has faced opposition when it comes to cannabis. He has served time in prison and understands the repercussions of prohibition better than most. His legacy is not one that can be summed up in a short few sentences or even a few paragraphs. If you don't know about the legendary Howard Marks AKA Mr. Nice then I suggest you Google this name today to learn about all that he has contributed to the cannabis community, culture, and industry.