The Fastest Way to Get an Oklahoma MMJ Card Online

The Fastest Way to Get an Oklahoma MMJ Card Online

Applying for a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma is an easy process compared to other states in the US. In fact, Oklahoma’s medical marijuana laws are so relaxed that the majority of residents can qualify for the program. At NuggMD, we can help you understand the process so you can decide if a medical marijuana card is right for you.

Is it Hard to Get an MMJ Card in Oklahoma?

The quick answer? It's easy! The steps for getting your MMJ card in Oklahoma are actually very simple. Even when the program first started, the only real challenge was finding a medical professional that was open to discussing the process. However, NuggMD has brought their industry-leading telemedicine platform to the state, so patients can now get their Oklahoma medical marijuana card evaluation without even leaving the comfort of home for just $99. 

Now, more than 5% of the population have started their medical marijuana treatments in Oklahoma. Because of increased demand due to the growing number of MMJ card holders in Oklahoma, services for medical marijuana have improved greatly. This has created more competitive services, locations and convenience offerings for patients across the state.

Why Telemedicine is a Great Option to Get an MMJ Card in Oklahoma

Despite advances in technology, many patients think they need to go to a physical doctor's office to receive quality care. This couldn't be further from the truth. There are many cases where telemedicine is actually a superior option for patient safety and quality of care.

Telemedicine also increases equality of care. Patients who have difficulty accessing transportation or who face risk factors for serious illness now have the proper tools to get the same great treatment with minimal risk. Telemedicine is overcoming obstacles to healthcare access for patients with all types of disabilities.

In 2016, the team at NuggMD started their telemedicine service in the state of California with this same idea in mind--that everyone deserves access to quality healthcare. From there, their service expanded to the states of New York, Nevada, Missouri, and Oklahoma. NuggMD is proud to be part of this patient-care revolution. Their team of state-licensed physicians have already helped more than half a million patients become qualified as medical marijuana patients in their state.

How NuggMD Works

NuggMD's doctors are very knowledgeable about the effects of cannabis on a variety of different health conditions. This is a good thing in Oklahoma because there are no qualifying conditions required for medical marijuana treatment. That means they can recommend cannabis for any condition that they believe will benefit from its use.

To start your evaluation, simply go to and:

  • Choose your state
  • Create an account
  • Enter your name, age and current home address
  • Upload your medical records
  • Provide payment information
  • Relax in the virtual waiting room

Your information will be processed by their team and sent to the first available doctor. A video-capable device is needed for their face-to-face evaluations. There are no appointments required to see a doctor at NuggMD and they are available from 8AM till10PM 7 days a week.

What to Do After Receiving Your MMJ Recommendation

After completing the evaluation, you will receive a PDF certification. This PDF is needed to complete Oklahoma’s state registration. Visit for OMMA’s online application and complete it within 30 days of receiving your evaluation. If the process isn’t completed within the necessary time frame, a new evaluation will be needed.

Once registration is complete, ID cards will be sent through the US postal system. The cost for the state application is $100 unless the patient qualifies for a discount. Patients that qualify with SoonerCare, MediCare, or have proof of status as a military veteran are only charged $20.  Make sure to complete the form entirely before sending or the process could be delayed even further. OMMA will notify you upon completion and send the medical card within 14-30 days.

Why You Should Get an MMJ Card in Oklahoma

The only legal way to use medical cannabis in Oklahoma is to have a medical marijuana card. The penalties for possession without a medical marijuana card may include arrest, criminal charges and very steep fines. Oklahoma doesn't allow patients to start possessing and using medical marijuana until they are approved and have their card. This can take up to 30 days, depending on the speed at which the OMMA is working, so patients should start their application as soon as possible.

You can assert a defense by claiming a medical condition should you be caught with marijuana and have no card, but there is still a steep fine involved--up to $400--and there's no guarantee that you won't face criminal charges. So, the smartest course of action is to get your card.

About NuggMD

NuggMD is the industry-leading medical marijuana evaluation service for California, Nevada, Oklahoma, Missouri and New York. They have helped over a half a million patients with a variety of cannabis treatments and plans. With any video capable devices, NuggMD provides real face-to-face care for all of their patients. And the best part? The price can’t be beat. The evaluation in Oklahoma is only $99.

And now they have another unbeatable value in the industry. Their California branch has launched the Nugg Club Box, a $225 value, for just $99. This original subscription box features 5 - 7 name-brand cannabis products that are personally selected for each member according to their tastes--at less than half the retail price.