Sex and Weed

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Sex and marijuana, does it make you wanna? With marijuana legalization happening more and more across the United States of America, the conversation of sex and cannabis is becoming a topic that more people are comfortable discussing. Some say that they get too high and this prevents them from having great sex others say they have the best sex ever while they are blazed. When it comes to cannabis and sex we at marijuana writers have started to get quite a few inquires  about this subject? So we thought shucks, lets answer some. So we are adding a section to our blog called Ganga Erotica. If you have any stories about Sex and Mary Jane that you would like to share with us or questions, weed love to hear them. Sex is a beautiful thing to us here at Marijuana Writers. We absolutely love the stuff! Both Mary Jane and sex that is!  Here’re couple questions and answers to some of the questions we have received pertaining to sex and cannabis. We hope you enjoy reading this new segment and are always looking for guest contributors and suggestions.

Q. Do you think masturbation is more fun when you’re blazed?
A. Yes, I think everything is better when I’m buzzed. Food taste better, colors are more vivid, jokes are funnier, and yes masturbation feels better to.

Q. Many people say they love to receive oral sex when they smoke Mary Jane. Do you think this is because people just like oral sex in general or does the cannabis experience heighten the pleasure of oral sex?
A. Yes, once again I think the ganja makes everything a bit better. There’s nothing like the feeling of getting lit and sitting back to enjoy oral sex. Personally I like performing it and receiving it with Mary Jane in the picture. Mary Jane has been involved in more 3-ways, than one might think, when you look at it this way.

Q. No matter whether you smoke before sex or after sex what is your preferred method? Blunts, joints, bowls, vapin or dabbin.( Note, if you smoke during or after sex, perhaps you might want to try a great cannabis based lubricant. As smoking from the results of having sex can lead to penal erosion and desert like dryness of the vagina if left unattended. The smoking of the penis or vagina my be prevented with a dab of lube.
A. I love them all but, prefer a joint before sex. Bowls can sometimes send these old lungs into a coughing fit. This can delay plans and sometimes ruin the moment.

Q. Does smoking weed make your partner more sexually appealing?
A. My partner is beautiful no matter if I’m buzzed or not. Being high just makes me more loving.