Art's OG Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

A well-known Indica strain is Art's OG. This product offers THG of about 18%. The smell is Earthy with a chocolate fragrance. The taste of it is bittersweet with some cocoa taste. This dark green cannabis grows in clusters with orange hairs emerging as it gets close to the harvest time. Since Art's Og burns very hot, it isn't recommended for anyone with respiratory problems. It can be used for chronic pain and inflammation such as from arthritis. Many users like Art's OG because it offers them a relaxed feeling and it boosts mood. It is often used to reduce anxiety, to eliminate stress, and to reduce the symptoms associated with mild depression. It is also used by women going through Menopause to help reduce mood swings.
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Wasn't the best of taste but the high was amazing!!

I love this strain put my wife and I and a great mellow, creative mood

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