Bio-Jesus Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

An indica-dominant hybrid, Bio-Jesus is famous for its outstanding pain relief application and numbing potency. The stain spirals from rich genetics: the appearance of this strain is similar to that of the popular Gumbo, which is an Ohio-bred indica and that smells similar to Bio-Diesel, which won the Colorado Medical Marijuana Harvest Cup. Due to its rich ancestry, Bio-Jesus delivers a cerebral haze that increases with nighttime use. It is believed to be one of the most potent strains of cannabis. The buds of this strain are covered in trichrome and have light orange hairs, this given it an almost white appearance. The Bio-Jesus strain has a crisp and light aroma and a slight floral scent that gives off hints of tropical fruits. A strong pine flavor arises when the buds are broken. Bio-Jesus has a flavor that is evocative of the smell. Even with the use of a water filtered device, the spicy and herbal smoke is harsh and unpleasant. The complex aroma of Bio-Jesus is best to experience with vaporizing. The best aspect about this strain is the buzz however; once a good hit is received, even a veteran smoker with a high tolerance level with feel the effects of this strong strain. This effective strain leads to sleepiness, happiness, increased appetite, dry mouth and relaxation.
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My favorite strain. Great for pain and definitely helps you relax

good for night time use extremely strong

Looks like the strain for transitioning to vaping. 2 rips and peaceful sleep.

Fabulous strain that's way tilted towards an almost almost pure Indica.. A daze for a haze that's gonna require a shovel to get you off that couch !

A glorious gift from the goddess - Bio-J epitomizes the medicinal capacity our Earth's healing power - Holy moly I'm, like brilliantly buzzed, giggly, all inflammation ceased and people Bloody well love being around me on this strain. 7 of 5 stars! Especially Illinois' cultivator Cresco's consistent crop - without I'd be lost. When y'all find this strain BUY AS MUCH as your green, sticky lil' hands can afford and help spread this strain's pure, god-giving-ya-a-hug, (in) awesomeness. Cheers!

one of the best strains i ever smoked

Definitely couch lock material very nice night time strain.

One or two vapes of this at bedtime and I sleep pain free! (Neuropathy, back pain, and arthritis melts away letting me sleep deeper at night.) I would not ever recommend this for morning/early day usage. It will knock you out. Might be great for people suffering from Bipolar, Insomnia, and really persistent pain.

Really great if you're trying to forget you're awake.

This and Northern Lights #5 are my 2 favorite strains. Great pain killing and relaxation, instant euphoria.

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