Blue Widow Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 12% - 17%

This is an indica-dominant medical marijuana strain which was originally created by Dinafem blends. This was developed by crossing 'White Widow', which is a female plant from British Columbia with 'Blueberry', an Aloha male. This is sometimes referred to as White Berry, Blue Venom and Berry White. The THC content of this strain would range from 12 to 16%. This strain has medium CBD content. The buds that are produced by this strain will be very dense as well as dry. These would come with a sugary coating of crystals throughout them. The flowers of this plant would have an intense sweet smell with the hints of sour citrus and pine. The taste of this strain will be a combination of sweet, fruity and berry taste. Blue Widow will leave the muscles relaxed and will allow the user to get relieved tension when at the same time providing a cerebral high. This could be ideal for the pain-related symptoms like cramps and sprains. This could also help in relieving from anxiety, hypertension, stress and migraine headaches. Furthermore, Blue Widow has been identified as helpful in relieving nausea caused by chemotherapy.
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Honestly one of the best strains I’ve ever smoked. It helps so much with cyclic vomiting, nausea, IBS, insomnia, and anxiety. I just wish it wasn’t so hard to find. The high does take a bit to set in, for me around 20 mins so I just planned accordingly

The high on this was kind of a creeper. Yes you feel the typical wave of the big initially wash over you, but then it eventually, and gradually gives way to a hella case of the giggles! This strain is perfect for sharing with friends and laughing your ass off during a sesh. the taste was also quite pleasant. Definitely a favorite

Made me wanna fuck my girls brains out for hours

Lacked in bag appeal, only because was amateur grown, not sure how fresh it was either. However, smoked in a joint, such a lovely flavour, some of the wickedness of White widow, and of course the yummy flavours of blueberry. Nice quick onset, very smooth, good smoke tasty. A cerebral lift, and a body relaxation, which is such a nice combination I would say this is hybrid rather than indica.

Good head buzz and body as well

Happy, mellow, chill & sleepy were the effects. Sweet berry with a little blueberry & pine was the smells & tastes. Firm medium green & golden yellow buds with light brown pistils. Fine amber hairs & small trichomes covered the buds. Cultivated by Sun Kissed Flower with 18% THC. Strain AKA Berry White & White Berry. Best for relaxation. 420 Out!

On first glance some bugs reminded me of the elusive fruity pebbles ... Inhale before lighting tasted great , very fruity with some earthy undertones....Did not burn as white as I would like to see...Exhale slightly peppery.... Overall nice mid day smoker ... Thick smoke, ain't bad..

Gave me energy got a lot done with this not heavy. Nice day time pain releif.😎

totally greatt , reccommended for ALL

The THC content in the descriptions seems low, when white widow is consistently 23% plus and blueberry , at least in Maine, is a constant 20-22%... In my experience in New England (VT and ME) this bud is much stronger then stated above.

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