Blueberry Grape Ape Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 23%

Blueberry Grape Ape is one of the finest marijuana strains in the industry. The strain is known to induce feelings of extreme euphoria and happiness. In addition, the strain is also known to uplift mood as well as induce sleep and laziness in the smoker. Basically, it calms the whole body through its enticing, citrus aroma and turns on the relaxation mode that relieves stress and anxiety. The strain is effective in reducing pain and stress. Some other medical benefits of Blueberry Grape Ape include relief from nausea and anxiety. The strain does not have any significant side effects; however, some commonly observed negative effects include dry mouth, dry eyes and dizziness. Some smokers may experience paranoia and headache also.The strain can have varying effects on different smokers. It comprises of 0.03% CBN, 0.3-0.7% CBG, 0.02-0.2% THVC, 0.2% CBC and 0.4% CBL. The composition of ingredients offers a unique blend that not only enhances mood, but also allows smokers to experience profound muscle relaxation. However, a high amount of Grape Ape can cause damaging effects and therefore, it is recommended that you only use an optimal dose of the strain. Beginner smokers might experience more negative effects than the heavy smokers. So, if you are smoking for the first time, it is advisable that you practice caution.
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My caregiver grew this strain this season. Very nice intense buzz.

Hard to say what the best quality of this strain is. It's beautiful, it smokes great, it's smooth in it's inhale and exhale and has an incredible flavor. Very mellow, but strong and enjoyable high as well.

I just tried the shatter on this strain and let me say it does what it says it does. Love it i recommend for anything.

Can taste the sweetness, great high to relax, be lazy and eat allot. feeling munchies, excessively thirsty, still went to YMCA and did great workout with my mom and Hailey.

Works great for me a good body high, I have arthritis and it really is good for that. A great smoke for what ails you.

Effects I Feel: Body HighHelp Me With: DepressionAromas: BlueberryFlavors: Berry
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