Cadillac Purple Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 18% - 27%

Cadillac Purple is primarily an indica strain and is a cross between Purple Urkle, The Black and Blackberry Kush. The strain has a THC content that falls anywhere in between 18 and 22% and is quite potent to say the least. The buds are dense and are dark green in color with hues of purple splashed here and there. Cadillac Purple smells really good and is no different from any perfume you own. It is floral with a distinct sweet flavor that will keep you coming back for more after each hit. Surprisingly, the taste lingers in the mouth for longer and leaves a pleasant aftertaste for you to enjoy. The strain is popular amongst individuals looking for an unparalleled body relaxation. But that is not all. Its effects offer great relief for those in pain. However, most individuals find it disappointing as they do not get to enjoy the spacey cerebral effects they have come to love and enjoy from most indica strains. It should be kept in mind that the strain is a creeper. Cadillac Purple will hit you when you least expect it. But then again, it is quite effective against several medical conditions including stress, tiredness, depression, anxiety and anorexia.
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Really enjoy the high I get from Cadillac purple. It relaxes me and gives me a wonderful buzz. One of my faves

This is what we used to call in my day, "creeper weed". It doesn't hit you as fast as some strains but when it does, holy crap! The smoking experience is on the first hit, a sweet almost berry like taste with a minty aftertaste. I am constantly amazed at the talants of growers to create taste in herb. Effects are pretty Indica standard only more potent. With an 18% - 24% THC level. The first time I tried it, I was playing COD for an hour or so, and then suddenly I woke up still holding the controller. LOL! Great for stress, PTSD, Anxiety, Trouble sleeping, or just relaxing after a long day of physical work. It will take the pain from those sore muscles and joints! Since this is a hybrid, the sativa side is there but for me personally, I would not recommend this for a "Wake and Bake" unless its the weekend! The only reason for only 4 stars here is that for me, if I take more than a couple tokes, I will be sleeping in a couple hours! lol

One of the best stains available to people like myself (genetics, body type, metabolism, you-name-it). I've tried various types of stains in attempts to find that balance, this one is it. I was able to feel relaxed, focused, without spacing out.

Hey there fish got some cadillac purple. fish smoked some Cadillac after a night of drinking three tall can beers. fish smoked it in the morning and the effects were very calming, pain relieving/stress relief. body sedation. it was also a creeper weed fish smoked a bowl and didnt feel the full effects till about four minutes later it was a good indica dominant hyrbid the sativa effects were there and the indica stone . definitely a good strain to chill out on help you relax get things done . as well watch movies whatever you like good strain forsure potent. well im off to smoke more. also the taste was very sweet definitely some purple to it. the smoke is smooth it expands in your lungs. smell is amazing i like to sit back and enjoy the smell after a nice toke. peace and love enjoy this strain if you get the chance.

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