Purple Urkle Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 18% - 21%

The introduction of this medical marijuana strain can be dated back to late 1980s. This is a Californian strain which is often classified as classical strain. This is believed to be the phenotype of 'Granddaddy Purple'. However, this is most frequently referred to be the specific phenotype of 'Mendocino Purps'. This strain is identified by its purple nugs covered by longer orange hairs. Physically, purple urkle is typical of an indica strain and is shorter, thicker and bushier. This is another clone-only strain dedicated to Californian dispensaries. This strain is found to best grown indoor than outdoor. The aroma of this strain is skunky with minute hints of fruity aroma. With the THC and CBD of 18-21% and 0.36%, respectively, this strain tastes like grapes and sweet berries. The strong physical buzz given by this strain would alleviate the symptoms of muscle spasms, anxiety and nausea. The users of this strain reported that the indicia effects of this strain thoroughly relax and sleep-inducing. Hence, this will be an ideal bedtime strain for those who are fighting insomnia.
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i found JUST what i was lookin for with purple urkle n bye gdp. this taste like grape juice and smells like it too. dark purplish nugs with orange hairs, soft, breaks down nice. smells so good i wanna eat this nug :)

It's almost like the perfect "Indica" stereotype... just a couple tokes in and the munchies start bubbling up (to be fair I was already hungry af), my senses of taste, scent and sound seemed to become more acute; I my whole body feels relaxed and I am skyrocketed into chill mode. I wouldn't call this a super social strain, unless it's the kind of homie you can sit around and not talk to or be doing your own thing with each other, you know the vibe. I would agree that weekend daytime and weekday nighttime are the ideal times to smoke this guy. There's not any cotton mouth which is rare for me and I love that, my eyelids have that weird hot, heavy feeling that probably means I look stoned. And of course I have to shout out my favourite grower I've come across in Seattle, the cultivator of these very nugs I smoke upon: WA Grower! He's sittin' at a pretty 22.3% THC-A, and a soft light moss green colour, caked with trichomes and clusters of darker orange hairs... and all this to say this was one helluva smoke and I am one happy custosmoker :•)

This is my all time pick of all Indicas I have had I had a good nite sleep . 😴

Last had great Purple urkle about 2 years ago and to this day is the best flower I've smoked. Had the most wonderful euphoric effects ever experienced. Two other friends that tried it said was the best they'd ever had.

One of my favorites. Good sleep very relaxing

Really Nice Buds Perfectly Trimmed. Great brough green Nugs with nearly a purple look. Taste really Dank strong . And a really nice smooth Indica high

Such an amazing looking bud. Some of the prettiest nugs I've seen along with sunset Sherbert. Like a comment from prior, make sure you're not smoking schwag, i payed 14 dollars a gram by Paris farms here in seattle where that's pretty expensive top shelf stuff. Insanely relaxing stone, slightly invigorating but nothing too extreme where your heart starts to race, if anything this stuff brought my heart rate down. This stuff is great day or night which i really like. The looks alone would make you proud of what you got to match bowls with your buddies. The effect itself isnt very super intense, but enough to get you lifted with a calm perspective. Very good vibes with this one.

Taste and feels were great.

Real medical marijuana! I have had about 7 different kinds of the urkle and only 3 were excellent out of this world while the others were awful! it all depends on the grower. dont EVER give up looking for the good kind of urkle it is worth it. best strain out there for many.

The colour is so pretty and it makes you soooo relaxed!! Helps with any serious pain

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