Diamond OG Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 17%, CBN: 1%

A diamond is something that is truly invaluable so how can you really expect this strain to be anything less? There is nothing ordinary or normal about the Diamond OG, which is quite apparent from its effects. It is a very potent, long lasting strain. It relaxes the entire body instead of just the mind. This allows you to fall into a desired state of laziness. It can also make you euphoric and lazy which means it is perfect for a lazy day off. The strain looks beautiful due to its sparkling condensed buds, which also have a very strong aroma. It is quite effective against muscle spasms as well.
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I am so spoiled I won't smoke anything else this is the greatest thing God ever created I just have a hard time finding it everybody is always out of it

1 1/4 Raw cone @ 4am.. Nice Head and Body Buzz Rain Never Felt and Sounded So Good Solid Indica High Enjoy Fellow Herbalist

For anyone looking for help with ADHD, this is what you want. It just allows me to stay connected with one task at a time without feeling spacey. It slows my mind down enough to really feel present. I get so much more done when my mind isn’t trying to get me to do 72 thousand ( plus 5 or so more ) at one time. It lasts for hours. Just do yourself a favor and get it!

Very good strain for relaxing, taste great good anytime of day or night.

This strain was amazing. Actually allowed me to relax and clear my mind and relieved pain. One of the strongest strains IMO

This strain provided a great deal of pain relief, it also made me extremely relaxed and also caused very little followup fatigue the day after smoking before bed, it's like if you removed all the negative parts of Rockstar Kush and Tuna Kush and increased the level of pain relief and relaxation at the expense of duration (4hr), this has been my favorite strain to date, I oonly received a small amount of it because where I purchased it didn't have a lot of the stock left and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for strong relaxating pain relieving lettuce. First 5/5 since I started 6mo's ago.

This is A-1 STRONG MEDICINE for pain.

Wow,, heavy hitter. . Grown here in vegas. Great job guys..

Great bud good for pain.

Good shit. I love it.

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