Ewok Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 17% - 23%

A cross between Tahoe Alien and Albert Walker, Ewok won the Hybrid of the year at the Seattle High times Cannabis Cup in 2013. It is a fast-growing plant that is bred by Alien Genetics and comprises of a short vegetative cycle. However, it yields large harvests of buds covered in frost that are as hairy as the Star Wars Woks. Essentially, it is an Indica dominant hybrid. It is a mixture of Kush, citrus, nuts, hash and mint. Woks are furry and short with red hairs and a smell similar to a mix of Kush and tangerines. Ewok induces some powerful, cerebrally-focused effects and these are caused by the bitterness of lemon and tangerines. These effects relieve people of stress and bring about a feeling of relaxation. This strain is a feasible option for the treatment of insomnia and pain as well. Users of Ewok can expect to be surprised by the energetic and calming high that it induces. Many users feel that it triggers creativity. It is ideal for dealing with chronic pain, muscle spasms and inflammation. Ewok tends to leave users with a sedated feeling. It is considered a good option for people suffering from insomnia and is also believed to increase appetite.
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This stuff was a really harsh exhale so get ready to cough no matter what. Very nice classic indica high. Heavy eyed and heavy body that just sink right into my bed at night. Pretty invigorating stone though. even though my body feels heavy, I was also very in tune with what I was reading at the time or watching. I like to bring this stuff with me to parties and would suggest this strain for if it's like 2am and the party is winding down. You need something to chill you out but remain chatty with the scragglers trying to find a place to sleep or just waiting for an uber to take you home. This is also a great strain for camping when it's time for bed. Basically keeps you engaged and feelin good while also having a pretty heavy body high. I absolutely live this stuff.

4/5 great strain nice bud structure and taste smooth

i enjoyed vaping Ewok... it had an unusual taste at lower temps...though at higher temps I swear i tasted some cedarwood. Anyway, nice high made me laugh and giggle a little (not hysterically though) at first then made my eyes heavy and me very relaxed. good for watching tv until sack time.

Second time I picked up some of this great strain, this time 27.6% THCA, 25.6% total. Smells like heaven, smooth-tasty smoke. It has become a favorite hybrid, very relaxing and uplifting, recommend for depression, anxiety, but due to its indica side, for me, it's also great for nerve pain, back pain, appetite, insomnia. The more you smoke, the more the indica side will dominate, until all you wanna do is eat and go to sleep. In small to moderate amounts😆😉, it can be an all day medicine. Or smoke a couple a big fat bongloads at night, or later in day, chill, put on a movie. A must try, you be the judge! And no Star Wars prejudices, only strain ones.5/5

Was not that in pressed with the quality of this stran I have been doing this for over 42 years so I'm a little hard to please. First of all the taste of this weeds sucks the after taste is even worse. The seems a head ace comes on about 3 hours in and is all gone in 5 hours or so probuly would not be so bad if you didn't have to do 3 or 4 bowls to feel anything. For 29.3%THC. Not my choice of weed at all for quality or value. Sorry

Love this hybrid.....cerebral high & very relaxing too, very mellow but for me not good for insomnia. Nice creative edge too. Earthy palette.

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