G Stik "Verde" Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

A potent pre-roll strain, G Stick Verde has strong healing properties and can help deal with anxiety and stress issues. G Stick Verde was specifically created for heavy smokers and patients that needed a quick toke on the go. The lime green nuggets offer weed lovers a much needed break from their hectic and monotonous lives and help them to enjoy a few moments of bliss on the move. This classic hybrid blend will trigger your creative side, help you focus on the tasks at hand and keep you energized throughout the day. A draw or two will help to melt away all your stress and worries, leaving you with a feeling of pure joy and euphoria. Regular smokers can drown in the pleasure of a G Stick Verde on a quiet evening and enjoy the bliss it offers, relaxing their mind and soul. Beginners can start with a smaller dose of this strain and enjoy its pain relieving effects. G Stick Verde will aid restful sleep and you will wake up feeling refreshed and relaxed and ready for another day of work.
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