Green Dream Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 23% - 24%

A sativa dominant hybrid, Green Dream is a cross between Blue Dream and Green Crack. It is termed as Green Dream due to its taste which is kind of like green tea and also because it has been formed out of Blue Dream that is one of the most prevalent strains available. The buds of Green Dream smell sour and fruity. It's got light orange hairs but a good quality bud will mostly be covered in crystals. The smell that is produced when a person is smoking this is similar to the taste they experience at the back of their throat. The effect this strain produces on a patient is that it provides them with child-like feeling towards life. With an insanely high THC level of 24 percent, Green Dream instills in a person an out of body sensation. This hybrid is predominantly used for stress but is also helpful for depression. It contains a number of great effects. This strain is effective for stress, chronic fatigue and when a person needs to get things done quickly. Furthermore, Green Dream stimulates cerebral effects such as increasing your imagination and creativity. A good smoke that can be utilized anytime, unlike heavy Indica it does not knock out a person.
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Green dream is the answer to the all around all that ails you (at least me!), and it’s a good go-to strain for day into night.I suffer from migraine, GI issues including nausea, chronic pain, insomnia…green dream does it all. Tasty terps too! One of my top strains!!!

Very great strain but very indica dominant. Made me get super excited for a while than made me super chill with a super nice body high. I liked it one of my top five strains !

Too light of a bud.

This strain is great. I’m new to knowing what strains I’m smoking ... had lots of trouble finding a good sativa ... love to get high and watch movies but the great indica were too much and the straight sativa were not enough ... Thank You Green Dream for letting me that Hybrids Sativa Dominants are my go to ..,

Incredible strain, especially for those who have to perform activities and responsibilities. I like this strain very much because of its very talkative energetic and amazing day high effect. Taste like green tea, sour and fruity buds, I often use this to get rid of my psychological problems.

This strain is energizing, effective for pain relief, and smells like grapefruit zest. The main downsides were dry mouth, slightly dry eyes, and a case of the jitters comparable to caffeine.

Great mix. I’m a fan of blue dream and green crack and their baby is bomb. It’s really a great wake and bake or good for after work. Gives you that little extra energy to get things done. My top 5

Good sweet flower

Very smooth draw, pleasantly relaxing. From Tru Releaf in Lansing, MI.. Relaxing yet allowing for function.

Right on ppl when u looking for hrs of relief this is what u need in ur life ppls

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