Hawaiian Dream Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 3% - 12%, CBD: 12%

Hawaiian Dream is a 100% sativa hybrid strain created as a delicious cross between the hugely popular Blue Dream X Maui Wowie strains. This dank bud was bred to have an insanely high CBD level that outweighs its THC level – on average Hawaiian Dream has a CBD level between 6-12% and a THC level between 4-8%. Although its THC level is relatively low, Hawaiian Dream has a strong onset of insanely uplifting happy cerebral effects that leave you completely euphoric with an overpowering case of the giggles. You'll experience waves of intensely creative energy and a soaring imagination that can leave you spacey, yet focused at times if need be. Because of these effects and its high CBD level, Hawaiian Dream is perfect for treating chronic pain, inflammation, eye pressure, and arthritis. These buds have long tapered forest green pepper-shaped nugs with a sparse layer of fiery orange hairs and dark olive green curly leaves. Each nug is coated with sweet sticky resin and very few oversized translucent chunky trichomes. The smell of Hawaiian Dream is reminiscent of laying on a beach on vacation with a pina colada in your hand, and the taste is even more delicious – at first Hawaiian Dream has an earthy sweet tropical flavor, but then it blurs sweetly into a floral citrus haze upon exhale.
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This herb has provided such a relief to a bi polar mind! Great strain. Previously on 150mg seroquel amd 1mg of xanex. I smoke this herb respectfully throughout a very busy and challenging day. Both mentally and physically. To me, this strain has really made a major impact on my life. Thank you. One love

I use this help me relax and calm aches when I don't want much THC effects. My budtender tells me some people don't like this strain because they don't get very stoned on it, but that's not what its point is. It's relaxing, but I don't get much "high" from it. And since I don't want it, that's fine with me.

helps relieve my back/hip/ and arthritis pain and puts me to sleep.

focused, energetic, and relaxed. I use it when I need to be active all day, and don't want to lose focus.

Remarkable! I refer to it as my dog walker. Two hits and before you know it my body stops aching and I'm putting the leash on the dog. It brings on a bit of energy as well as a bright clarity, and calm serenity. No anxiety, paranoia, or introspection. Just walking my dog.

Woah this bud is an absolute dream. The low THC level is perfectly balanced with the high CBD level, giving great pain relieving and calming any anxiety. Not to mention that taste! It's like a tropical smoothie with just a touch of soil, like a fresh picked pineapple or something along that lines. It's great for energy and putting yourself in a happy mood, but I wouldn't recommend using it at night or in the late afternoon unless you want to be up all night.

Love this stuff so much.

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