Holy Ghost Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 28%

If any strain of marijuana could ever be considered complex, this one would be it. Patients looking to get a short body buzz, followed by a cerebral high that is long-lasting will need to look no further than this Sativa dominant mix of Pitbull, Durban Poison, Amnesia Haze, and Satori. With a pedigree like this you know you can expect good things when you spark up the lighter, including a THC content of up to 28%. Expect to get a focused high which leaves you feeling energized once the couchlock lifts. Patients are choosing to use this strain for conditions such as pain, migraines, loss of appetite, inattentiveness, restless leg syndrome, and depression. This sticky strain is characterized by the crystals and orange hairs which cover the dense buds. The smoke is dense and full-bodied, sweet yet robust with the flavor of Sandalwood. The appealing aroma is a mix of woodsy, citrus, and kerosene.
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Amazing strain love it great high

Have been growing this strain for a year now not one hermey produces huge yealds every time smoke is awesome super strong and did I say productive not just talking yeald very active J.S Farm

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