Jenny Kush Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Jenny Kush is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% sativa/50% indica) strain created through a cross of the powerful Amnesia Haze X Rare Dankness #2 strains. This bud was named in honor of Jenny Monson-Frieda, a cannabis activist who was killed by a drunk driver in 2013. All proceeds from the sale of this bud originally went to the Jenny Kush Foundation, which was established to support the children of Jenny Monson-Frieda. This bud has a gorgeous classic appearance, with small grape-shaped olive green nugs that have rich purple undertones that contrast with fiery orange hairs. Each nug is dusted with a super fine coating of tiny milky white trichomes and droplets of visible sweet sticky resin. In addition to its classic appearance, Jenny Kush has an unforgettable flavor. This bud has a taste that is said to be delicate and floral but with a heavy lemony pine hit that comes as you continue to smoke. The aroma is surprisingly spicy and tropical, with an earthy floral yet somehow zesty bouquet that's released as the nugs are smoked. This bud has a powerful high that's fueled by a THC level that's never been measured, but is said to be mid-level. The high is very relaxed and uplifted in nature, with a cerebral head rush that lifts your spirits with a tingly feeling that spreads through your very bones and leaves you completely pain-free and utterly at ease. This high is incredibly calming and soothing in nature, making it a great option for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, mild to moderate cases of depression, chronic fatigue, and inflammation.
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This is coming from a very high tolerance smoker. I had been excited to try this as it's the "flagship" variety from my local dispensary and I caught an oz on sale. My stash tested at over 32%THC so definitely a very well grown pheno. The buzz is subtle but very strong. It is not an immediate onset like some varieties but not a super long creep either. The flavor and taste is a bit sweet and fruity with some other tones that stay with you after the exhale, leaving you wanting another taste. The buzz can be a bit overwhelming for anyone who would need to do anything super productive so for sure use with caution if you are not a high tolerance user but I would say it's a good productive buzz if you medicate carefully. Creative and balanced. It'll impress any variety user, as the 50/50 balance really shows. It's just a straight funk you up strain!

I have a 1/2 of this left right now, and wow is all I can say. This strain has given me one of the most balanced highs I have gotten from hybrid strain yet. Comes on with a super mellow head and body high thats doesn’t make you want to immediately curl up on the couch, but instead relax with some good music in the garage. Nice for hiking and spending time in the CO Rockies. Hope they keep this one in the rotation at my spot.

30%+ THC strain everytime I've bought it. Citrus flavor and aroma. Top shelf buzz. Definitely one that's in my top 10 favorites.

Been smoking Mary Jane for over 50 years. Been through a lot of different strains during that half century mark. This is by far my favorite daytime strain. The high is euphoric, uplifting and so energizing--simply put: feels like "Mothers Little Helper" as I go about my day. A Pinch is all I need, a toke here, a toke there and before long, have blasted through a 10 hour day. I was encouraged to comment on the taste/smell. Never used those metrics as my criteria for smoking a strain as it's all about the high. Having said that, she smells earthy to me with a hint of citrus when I take my first toke. Dickiee from the 60's.

There is nothing wrong with this strain. It's hard to find consistently in Las Vegas but anytime I see it I pick up at least a 1/2oz to keep in my stash box with my other favorites. I have severe anxiety, severe depressive disorder and PTSD and this helps morning, day, or night.

So far this is my favorite strain. It’s smooth and I definitely get the tingly feeling described, especially in my feet and in my head. It’s very calming and relaxing and helps with anxiety and pain both. The flavor to me is pine and lemon/citrus. Definitely a couch smoke.

My favorite strain, by far. I get so many different flavors every time I smoke it. Cheesy/creamy, lemony, spicy, a little earthy...really, it just checks all the boxes for me. It always comes with a high THC content (around 30-32%) and flies off the shelves at the dispensary where I work. It's also really great in FSHO, so grab some if you get the opportunity!

The taste and smell strange as it gets, at least to me and my wife. The taste not to bad, just undiscernible to me. We both greatly enjoy the buzz and the medical benefits from it. As long as I stay mobile, everything is wonderful, buzzing around the house like a bee. If I sit down for a couple minutes, it is all over, next thing I know its a couple hours later. Oh, Jenny is in our top 5 that's for sure. The wonderful bud tender, at Thrive in Harrisburg IL, said "everybody loves Jenny". Everyone I know who met Jenny enjoyed their experience with Jenny. LOL

Just a wonderful taste ..Unfortunately, she doesn't have much of a kick, and is more relaxing than anything else.

Absolutely amazing Kush. Does seem to not last me very long tho as somebody else previously stated. Feels like much more of a 50/50 hybrid than most other Kush that i've had. Taste is exactly as described and is quite unique.

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