Juju OG Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20%

Juju OG is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the powerful OG Kush X Jamaican Heirloom strains. Ready to indulge in some truly good juju? Juju OG packs a soothing and lifted high that's insanely well-balanced, offering cerebral energy and physical relaxation from start to finish. You'll feel the energy settle in a few minutes after your final exhale, filling your brain with an active sense of euphoria and motivation. You'll be creative and sociable, ready to chat with anyone around you with a clear-headed sense of purpose. A soothing body high accompanies this heady lift, keeping you anchored and fully relaxed from head to toe without tarnishing your energy level or clarity in the slightest. Combined with its high 20% + average THC level, these effects make Juju OG a great choice for treating conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, chronic stress, mood swings and cramps or muscle spasms. This bud has a spicy and flowery fruity berry flavor with a lightly sweet and earthy exhale. The aroma is very similar, with a spicy and woody overtone accented by peppery flowers and fresh earthiness. Juju OG buds have oversized and dense grape-shaped emerald green nugs with dark blue leaves, thick orange hairs and a coating of tiny, blue-tinted white crystal trichomes.
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