Lemon Diesel Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 13% - 22%

Lemon Diesel is a strain that has been bred making use of Green Lantern Seeds. The Lemon Diesel Strain is a hybrid, which has been formed by the combination of Lost Coast OG and California Sour. These are fairly easy to grow as they take no more than 9 or 10 weeks to grow properly. In appearance, they are long and have small buds growing on them that are dense. The dense buds on the cannabis are mostly filled in during the last few weeks of the flowering process of the Lemon Diesel Strain. The leaves of the strain are long and wide as well with a combination of purple and grey color, which serves as its distinguishing factor. The Lemon Diesel Strain is known famously for making the person who uses it feel uplifted. The strain also makes the person creative and happy.
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Ilera cartridge. Great smoke. Taste like 🍋 Lysol mixed with diesel fuel. All head not to speedy but super alert. Great day smoke. Go for a drive in the country. Trippy! 🍋⛽🔥💨🌲

2nd time ordering from here and not happy with either of my purchases. This particular flower had very good ratings so I wanted to try it. I've been smoking for at least 20 years now, so I know a thing or two about cannabis. After opening the bag my first impression was the overwhelming smell of either moth balls or kerosene like smell. I'm curious to know if this past Laboratory Testing. Insofar as smoking and the high goes I give it 3 stars at best, taste is very citrusy but dirty like it was either treated with some sort of pesticides or stored in an area that is treated for mold. It has a very artificial smell and I smoked some very pungent flower in my time. Not trying to bash you guys just frankly expressing my experience with your product. I will be reluctant to order again. I wish I could return it or exchange it with something else.

Surely a top notch Bud, I'm going to get more of this ass-kicking strain !

Dense sweet buds, easy on the throat and taste great.

Love the Lemon flavor. Sweet and Stoney.

Love the flavor, good relaxing high with friends. Also works well for Anxiety.

So for starters every time I’ve smoked a strain that had lemon in the name I’ve gotten bleeped up stoned from it. And I can’t remember a strain with deisel in the name that wasn’t yummy and uplifting. Well guess what you get both here. Lemon Diesel is a very tasty bud that will give you energy with a smile. Go easy though this shit will send you flying🤪!

This strain is the best!...I"ve smoked alot of strains in my life time, but this is one of the strains that take care of all of my needs!

Very good strain, uplifting and makes me want to get up and do things.. Great day time strain, great taste. huge dense buds full of flavor and aroma.. A top choice for me..

I think this is a great strain it's a mixture between indica and sativa the taste is real lemony and it makes me wanna do stuff instead of sit around one of my favrote strains so far

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