Liquid Frost Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Liquid Frost is a hybrid Indica dominant cannabis strain that is suitable for smoking during both, night and day time. It has dense green colored buds that are covered with deep orange colored hair. It is a moderately potent strain with a mild THC level, but exact value is not known yet. It has a lovely aroma that is a mixture of earthy, lemon and tangy scents. You get a nice whiff of this aroma as soon as you light it up. The flavor of Liquid Frost is quite refreshing too and is a blend of lemon and earthy tastes. This makes it a nice strain to smoke. It has a very strong and calming effect on your system that lasts for about an hour or two. This strain is good for providing relief from stress, anxiety and fatigue. It soothes your system making you feel peaceful. Its side-effects include couch-lock.
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