Lucky Charms Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 22%

Lucky Charms is a strong and potent hybrid marijuana strain that is produced by crossing Appalachia with The White. Its exact Indica/sativa content is unknown. It has a moderate to high THC level whose value also remains unknown. It has dark green colored buds that are covered with deep orange colored hairs. Lucky Charm has a flowering period of nine weeks and is best grown indoors. Its plant has a medium height. It has a refreshing pine scented aroma and is a pleasant taste that is a blend of pine, fruity and sweet flavors similar to that of berries, apricot and citrus fruits. It produces a strong high on your system that makes you feel calm and very happy. Due to its relaxing effect on your system, it is a good cure for depression, anxiety and stress. You can also use it for curing a wide range of pains.
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This is a great Sativa dominant hybrid. A single bowl with a friend had us talking for hours, chilling in a park. High is very clear headed and focused. I don't generally like Sativa dominant strains becausr I enjoy body high's better but this is definitely one i'd buy again for use with company

Magical marijuana. Excellent strain for stress. Potent for sure. One of the best I’ve tried so far.

Great pine taste then a smooth sweet taste

Nice frosty nugs, beautiful orange hairs and most of the nugs are all the same size 3/4 to a gram which is nice. Tastes great high is awesome pain relief is awesome. Also good for anxiety.

One of my top 5 or top 10 strains flavour is awesome tastes sweet sugary almost high a nice energetic happy high only had 2g of it once very nice highly recommend.

One of my fav strains

Great weed. My go to for a great day. Not top weed, but I'm spoiled. Those first 3 pics of the big buds are mine, and yeah, that's a real sized fortune cookie.

It’s good chill calming buzz but you can still work and get things done albeit. Little slower...not to much of a deep thinking crazy thought provoking strain which I enjoy...I’d say it’s more sativa based than Indy.

All around room calmer. This is the strain you try after a friggin hard day at work. Everything that was passing you off is now inrhe past

Top 5 of all the strains ive smoked! Its fire fire

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