Marilyn Monroe Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Who doesn't know about Marilyn Monroe, a woman who was an icon and symbol of time and age? Her influence was quite strong, similar to this strain. The Marilyn Monroe strain, like all strains, is comprised of indicas and comes in a big blocky form all clumped together. These are very dense molecules that are covered in trichrome, which is good for the strain and for the person making use of it. It gives off a very powerful sour fruit smell which is similar to that of strawberries. However, it can sometimes smell like sulfur fuel. The taste however, is like strawberries and has quite a tangy feeling. The strain is very powerful and strong and hits your head hard, making it work fast, whereas it numbs your body, helping you feel relaxed.
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Marilyn Monroe OG by Canna Kings is an Indica Dominate (70% or more) Hybrid containing 33% THC! Full, fern green buds with cinnamon pistils & white cloudy trichomes. Smells & tastes of fruity fuel. Lifted cheerfulness & sedated relaxation were the effects. Got a great night’s sleep when taken before bed. This rare strain is mostly found in California & Colorado. Strains Genetics: JFK & Mother’s Finest. Happy Sedation :)

Instantly felt in legs and arms. A great pain numbing strain. appears to be good for inflammation. Lost track of focus and time. Definitely good for the end of day. Strong and good tasting. Recommend to all looking to unwind with nothing planned to do.

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