Nordle Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 8%, CBD: 5%

Nordle is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that was made by crossing Sensi Star with Afghani. It is moderately potent, and it has a tangy, yet honey like taste that is slightly fruity when smoked. The aroma is distinctly pine, earthy musk, and woody. It typically grows to a medium stature in height, although can grow to medium-high height. After smoking Nordle, you'll feel relaxed, happy, giggly, focused, and a little lazy. Also expect to get the extreme munchies with this strain. When used medically it relieves the symptoms of pain, depression, insomnia, stress, and lack of appetite. The downside to Nordle, is that it gives you red eyes, and the munchies. It has a medium potency level, making it ideal to take as a morning smoke as it will not leave you couch locked. It typically appears with hues of purple on the leaves, and light and dark green covering the buds and nugs.
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Totally mild but enjoyable and very well-balanced. Very nice, mild mind and body buzz. Does not make you feel totally wiped and lethargic like some other high-CBD strains. Very relaxing and enjoyable. Its mildness is actually one of the best things. Recommended for people who do like a nice THC/CBD balance or prefer a mild buzz to getting obliterated.

really nice balance of effects but i guess thats what you get from a 50/50 hyrbid

Nordle is afghani x skunk. Check with Mr Nice Seeds.........

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