Outer Space Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20%

Outer Space definitely lives up to its extraterrestrial name, providing a cerebral, clear-headed high that's ideal for daytime use. The effects are creative, focused, and happy, and they deliver a boost of sociability. It's a good combination for treating a wide range of conditions: anxiety, depression, physical fatigue, ADHD, GI distress, migraine headaches, and mood disorders. Outer Space has almost no CBD, so it's not a good selection for medicating seizure disorders or other conditions with symptoms that respond to CBD treatments. But THC levels are impressive, with available tests showing maximum results above 20%. That means a more potent, long-lasting high from this sativa-dominant cross of Mix of Trinity and Island Sweet Skunk, both sativa-heavy hybrids; the exact ratio of sativa to indica isn't widely known. Outer Space tastes and smells of soil, berries, and citrus fruit. Reports suggest the most common negative side effects are cottonmouth and watery eyes, though others may be possible. This strain can be found in a handful of medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado and Oregon, but it's far from a common find anywhere.
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Pretty good taste, but nothing very special to me. Likewise, effects were nice, but not "outer space" good, it was a nice sativa buzz to get stuff done on, but not a dizzying energy that noticeably shifts your perception and makes everything vibrate like some stronger sativas can give. I definitely wouldn't pass it up being a good tasting and potent sativa, but there are better strains to give even more intense spacey effects

Your experience with Outer Space is totally up to you. Hit on it normally and you will be energized focused and having intelligible conversations with everyone in the room. Blaze on it and prepared to feel weightlessness and having trouble with balance... Making you feel like you're in Outer Space. You might even feel like you're in kind of a bubble. Very interesting strain. Allbud says that it's a 50-50 but It feels more like a 60/40 sativa leaning to me. It's so different that I love it, but I love All the creative strains and this one definitely leaves enough room for creativity and focus.

This strain is caught without an identity. It gives me a boost of playful energy while slowly unlocking it's sedative indica side. The result is a a climax of contradictions: My head starts to fly and I feel like I wanna do stuff but my body starts to feel tired. This stuff also makes me paranoid easily.

I like this strain because it gives me a nice energy, and focus, but doesn't leave me with a come down feeling, so its great for morning hits before work.

This strain has a decent flavor and hits like a sativa leaning hybrid, not 50/50. Unfortunately for me, the high sets in quickly but then fades too fast for my liking. It never really turns into a special high, where you pause and say to yourself how much you love this strain. I could see this being useful if you want to smoke sativa in the evening. Three stars: decent if there is no better option but don't go out of your way to get your hands on some.

Great strain for laughing, outdoor activity of any sort. Only side effect was driving 10 miles an hour while feeling like I was speeding lol. When to use: Anytime

Outer Space is the best strain for creativity I've had yet. It definitely keeps true to the name. Very strong and probably not for beginners, this strain stomps out depression and neuropathy. Hope this strain sticks around! I had the vape version.

Three hits and I'm having an outer body experience. so let's see what happens when we add two more. ... One more. Two more. Smoooth. Tunnel vision setting in. My constant headache is a distant memory. Ahhhhh. Relief. Deep breath. I'm watching a commercial abt niematoads. Ew. What r niematoads. 😂 it sure is fun to say!!! Holy crap. Get this shit.

Perfect morning and day time strain! Highly recommend for anxiety and depression. Gives you a ton of energy, happy,giggly, hungry and everything in between. My go to strain for wake and bake.

got this in an 1/8th and prerolled joints by cresco. hard to pull a puff because the are a little tight. but that is my only complaint. i really enjoyed the high. it was euphoric and floating. no paranoia. relaxing as well. i do 4 good hits of it and put it out for later and i'm good. i have done the whole J but it'll keep you high for a while. i saved the last joint as a "something special" for those moments around a fire pit with a good friend, pink Floyd, and the stars in the sky. hope this helps.

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