Platinum King Kush Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

The Platinum King Kush is bright green in color with crystals covering the buds, which make it look platinum. Orange hairs grow from this leafy strain of marijuana. Smoking the Platinum King Kush gives users a body and head buzz due to THC and CBD levels. It is indica-dominant therefore, it calms down the nerves of the user and makes them feel relaxed and stress-free. Mostly, effects are cerebral and increase the release of endorphins, which elevates and uplifts spirits. Platinum King Kush is also known to cause drowsiness and induce sleep. Platinum King Kush is used as medical marijuana to treat psychological disorders of anxiety and depression. It also reduces inflammation and cures mild headaches or migraines. This strain is effective for all kinds of physical and mental pain and is also used by insomniacs to get a good night's sleep. The strain has an earthy flavor with bursts of citrus that tantalize the taste buds of smokers with every toke. The smoke emits an aroma, which is pungent and dank but also pleasing to the nose as it has an earthy and citrusy complexity added to it as well. The THC content is at 18% while CBD makes up 0.24% of the drug.
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I have neuropathy, so I thought I'd try some King Kush to relieve the pain. It worked great! I was also hoping for some relief from seasonal insomnia. It didn't work as well for that. As for the aroma, I guess my allergies prevented me from smelling anything. Certainly nothing citrus.

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