Purple Elephant Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 25%

A potent Sativa strain of cannabis is Purple Elephant. It is a hybrid that stems from Purple Urkel and Gage Green. It offers THC level of up to 25%. The smell and the taste are both sour and sweet. Consumers either love the way it smells and tastes or they are turned off by it. The buds of Purple Elephant are airy with dark green colors and light golden hairs. As the time for harvesting approaches, those hairs will turn dark brown in color. The yield of crystals on the buds is very high. It only takes about 9 weeks to grow and harvest. Purple Elephant is a type of cannabis you can use during the day because it won't make you tired. It can make you more relaxed and social. It may give you a light head buzz that lasts a couple of hours. It is also a good choice if you need to increase your appetite.
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Strong earthy pungent scent.hits smooth

Very nice strain, starts slow but after a few minutes it hits !!! Its good at anytime of the day, makes me chatty, its uplifting and i find myself more creative. Nice head / body mix

Pretty cool good shirt after smoke is was ok but a minute later totally hit up pretty kool 😍

I'm generally not one to review but this strain is outstanding. Love the flavor. Very smooth smoke. Defies don't cough don't get off rule. Love the peppery after note.

Love it taste great good smell nice break up dense nugs as well cured perfect

I have severe ptsd and i love this strain. I love the aroma it has a hard aromas that sting the nostrils. Its not a mama's boy strain for beginners or women sorry ladies. The flavor is something like a good bourbon it is an acquired taste one i find outstanding. The big and main. Reason is the effect on ptsd its relaxing and i appreciate that.100% buy this anytime. Excellent bud

My new favorite. Curbs my anxiety and makes me livid.

This is awesome, been internalizing my anxiety all day and i finally feel refreshed and calmed from this. Defiantly will have to research this more. New favorite strain for me

My favorite strain to tranquilize and stop the chaos of the mind. It's awesome for panic panic attacks.

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