Purple Goblin Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

This indica-dominant hybrid (ratio of sativa/indica is unknown) is the offspring of Mendocino Purps (aka Purps) and Green Goblin (aka Green Crack), both strong, popular strains. It's unclear how much of that potency carries down to Purple Goblin, as THC contents aren't widely known. The same goes with CBD, the chemical often used to treat seizure disorders and some other conditions, though it's probably safe to assume it's not terribly high. As its genes suggest, Purple Goblin is a body-centered strain, with a deeply calming body high and limited cerebral buzz. Beyond that, there's little available information on the precise effects, or even on what conditions this strain is best for. But indicas are generally best at relieving physical pain, alleviating anxiety, and protecting against depression. This strain has a berry aroma and most likely a similar flavor. The bud is dark green and purple, with a hairy coat of trichomes on the surface. There are few reports of adverse effects from smoking Purple Goblin, but dry mouth and red eyes are always possible, as is paranoia. This strain definitely isn't easy to find, but it might be found in the American West.
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