Rainbow Belts Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 24%

Rainbow Belts is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the delicious Zkittlez X Moonbow strains. Named for its gorgeous appearance and delicious flavor, Rainbow Belts is perfect for any hybrid lover who wants a long-lasting high and a great taste. Rainbow Belts buds have gorgeous fluffy rounded popcorn-shaped forest green nugs with purple undertones, bright orange hairs and a coating of frosty amber crystal trichomes. As you pull apart each sticky little nugget, aromas of sharp lemon lime and flowery diesel are released, intensifying the more that you toke. The flavor is of sweet lemon lime with hints of ripe grapes and spicy berries, too. The Rainbow Belts high isn't quite as bright as the flavor, with lifted effects that will have you feeling relaxed more than energized. The high starts with a boost of euphoria, filling you with a giddy uplifted sense that increased your sociability, lending itself well to any conversation that you have at hand. A tingly physical high comes next, washing over your body and filling you with a touch of sedation that has you fully relaxed from head to toe. In combination with its high 24% average THC level, these effects make Rainbow Belts perfect for treating migraines or headaches, chronic stress, depression, chronic fatigue and nausea or appetite loss.
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Very kind very very kind

To sum it up in one word "Flavortown". Great strong musky herbal taste. A wonderful hybrid.

Very strong hard hitting but not overpowering strain, 26%THC in my batch. It has a very strong lime taste, the lime part shines in combination with an herbal creamy chemical diesel tone that lingers for what seems like forever sharply. After the taste eventually fades the high sets in and it hits you like a blanket of relax but not sedation. You are at ease but have a good amount of energy to get things done, positive notes of happiness do hit at times during the peak of the high causing creativity to cut loose. If you feel like the world is caving in on you, then for about 4 hours this strain will take your mind off it and help you re evaluate things clearly if things are going wrong. This strain is very complex but feels right, one of my all time favorites. It lives up to its name in more ways than one and when it hits you, you'll hopefully understand what I mean by this high feels like different vibes at different points.

Ooohhhh wheee, THIS strain is on the list of top fave strains for me. Taste is AMAZING, fruity, and has a bit of a gluey taste upon exhale which is my absolute fave thing when I can find a strain with a similar taste profile on exhale. The effects are just as wonderful. You most likely won’t need a lot to get you right with this one too. The one I got at my dispo is on point with potency. Kzittlez is a strain I’ve really fallen in love with medicinally for my Multiple Sclerosis and Nerve Pain. The terps are always on point so this strain being breed with the Zkittlez strain just sweetens the pot for me with this strain as well. If you come across this, I highly recommend picking some of it up.

Reminds me of Fuzzy Melon another fruity gassy strain. Rainbow offers so much, relief from many medical conditions.. Enjoy!!

Absolutely great for both day and night. I think the above description does the explanation of what I've felt very accurately. Wonderful flower. 5 stars.

Sociable by day, big time relaxin at night. Yes please, 5 stars

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