Redding OG Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Redding OG was awarded the third prize at the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup in 2014. It is a hybrid strain that comprises of bright orange hairs that shoot wildly from the pure white coating of the frosty crystals. Together, these features provide Redding OG with a pale insipid green color. Redding OG is a potency and very long lasting marijuana strain that provides enough energy for social gatherings but only if consumed in high doses. This marijuana strain has the capability to be the finale of your day. With a high THC content, Redding OG is predominantly effective in warding off appetite loss, sleeplessness, stress and depression. This is a hard-hitting sativa hybrid and a joint of 1 gram lasts for almost eight hours. It is mostly popular for creating an entertaining social environment. Redding OG carries an initial hard hitting effect similar to that of Jack Frost. For people who enjoy sativa dominant strains, this is a must try. The buds of this strain break up well and carry a fresh and pleasant smell. It is not blatantly munchies and is a definite option for couch potatoes. Its popularity is mostly attributed towards the highly energized effects that if provides and the fact that it is socially popular.
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