Jack Frost Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 23%, CBN: 1%

White Widow is mated with Northern Lights #5 to produce strong cannabis 'Jack Frost' that has an extremely euphoric and uplifting effect on your system. Its high also has other significant effects on your system, including creative, happy and energetic. It has a fluffy green coloured appearance. The strain has a good potency as its THC level is around 22.6 percent. It is a hybrid strain and is a mixture of both, Sativa and Indica varieties. Jack Frost has a mild and skunky flavoured aroma that slowly affects your system. It is a good strain to smoke because of its mild yet very clean and smooth smoke. You feel an earthy, woody and pine flavoured taste in your mouth as soon as you begin smoking Jack Frost. Jack Frost is best suitable for stress patients as it has a very soothing and calming effect on your body. It relaxes the stressed nerves and puts you to sleep. Due to this reason, it works as an antidote for insomnia as well. You can also use this strain for treating anxiety, depression, pain and a loss of appetite as well. Two of its strongest side-effects include dry mouth and dry eyes. However, some people also experience dizziness, paranoia and anxiety after using it too.
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Just purchased an 1/8 of Jack Frost shake. Filled my pipe that has a nice size bowl to the top and took two tokes. Literally within a minute of my first toke I was starting to feel a little buzz coming on. By the time I took my second hit just seconds ago; I became stoned and went straight to my PC to post this message. Weed effects us all differently; I know as an old school 'pothead' who has smoked longer than most of you posting messages. LOL. I smoke because I love weed and because some strains help with the lower back damage and issues that I deal with on a daily basis. Medicinally speaking, I got my NJMMP card in part because of my PTSD. My PTSD is NOT military related although I did serve in both the US Air Force & US Navy. My PTSD comes from watching my wife get killed in a plane crash. There was a time not to far in the past when I would get panic attacks and anxiety every time a small plane flew over my house. Since I've been using weed regularly I no longer suffer from PTSD. Jack Frost as a Sativa-dominant strain is perfect for day or night use. It works ok for my back pain; but I use mostly Indica-dominant strains for pain relief. Hope this was helpful. Semper Fortis, Dr. Nick Peace.

Its GREAT!!! It has one of the best taste you will find. The HIGH is threw the roof...

Jack frost is everything you'd expect from it's lineage! 🤩🤗

My favorite strain on earth! Minty taste and chill vibes. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Forgot Jack herre as mother strain aka why jack .... frost but very good strain lover it

You just stay in a happy place when even trying to be serious. Try it, you will like it!

Even though I usually do concentrates of most strains, I had Jack Frost in flower form. I had a nice(small) sized nug... thinking I wasn't going to feel it as much, I do another small nug....before I can finish the first nug...I was stopped by the powerful euphoria after a couple of exhalations. I had a shit eating smile for a good hour, then just knocked out. Yes, I am shocked it got me that well. I was at a pain level 9ish out of ten in lower back. (L5-S1)...after the first bowl, I clearly forgot about the pain and some unrelated stress just vanish. Recommended in moderation only, overdosing (ha) might be accompanied with dizziness and/or paranoia for novice users. Less is more.

Great for focus and creativity!

I enjoyed Jack Frost. I found it to relax my body when speeding up my mind. It felt very healing to my body. Gaveroferste case of the munchies. No cotton mouth or side effects. A solid choice for early evening ing when it's nice to relax but you don't want to be kicked u to sleepy land.

My buds were not fluffy like popcorn but, closer to an Indica firm bud. Buds green with few orange hairs but, plenty of nice small drops of trichomes. Pine, lemon, & citrus was the smell & taste here without a doubt. High I got was that of a Sativa leaning Hybrid. I did not get sleepy from this strain which was good because I was busy eating! Above average daytime smoke in my book.

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