Royal Queen Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 21% - 27%, CBN: 3%

Most queens know their lineage, but Royal Queen's is a mystery. So is the exact balance of sativa and indica in this moderately potent medical choice. It's also unclear whether this strain got its name from the Dutch seed bank or because it has some relation to Space Queen; either is possible. In any event, Royal Queen is a good choice for alleviating the symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, and sleeplessness. The high is mostly physical, which suggest indica dominance, but also brings limited cerebral effects. The experience is deeply relaxed and sleepy. THC levels are reputed to be very high in this strain, greater than 23% in at least one test. CBD numbers, on the other hand, are hard to peg, but that alone suggests Royal Queen may not be an ideal choice for patients suffering from epilepsy or other conditions that respond to that chemical. There isn't much information available about the flavor or aroma of this strain or, for that matter, its appearance. But it's known to be relatively light on side effects, especially paranoia. Don't look too hard for Royal Queen; you probably won't find it, as it's a rarity pretty much everywhere.
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Ok. I have just vaped RQ for the first time since August 9th. That's my old review below. Just wanted to check in to refresh my memory. Yes, from the same mason jar. But, it's been over 2 mos. since I last partook. I have to say that I like it a hell of lot more now than I did before. I think because I had a headache when deciding what strain to do tonight, I said, "why not try RQ again, I kinda remember it was good for pain." So, I did. And, maybe it's mellowed a bit through time in the ole mason jar cause I would recommend it if you don't want to get too buzzed...though mine is only 16.4 % thc, it must be the terpenes that are really helping to get the buzz going at this level. Will have to check the cylinder it came in to check the profile. Yeah, don't think I would buy again, but I will finish it at some point and not let it go to dust....

I really don't like the buzz from Royal Queen. I usually have numerous strains on hand at all times...but I do go through them. However, with the RQ, it seems to be hanging around forever in my Mason Jar which means something. Yes, it's very potent but the high is on the sickening side, almost like a narcotic buzz which luckily I really don't like as I've had my taste. If not for the queasy feeling that i get from this flower, I would highly recommend it because it's very buzzy but not particularly racy, but also allows you to do anything that needs getting done. My dispensary told me that people either love this herb or they hate it. I think I'm somewhere in the middle, just need to find the right bud to mingle it with....I'm always creating my own 'hybrids' just by grinding up a few different strains mixing, and then vaping.

Very good for relaxing 😎

I have a caregiver that got Royal Queen seeds from Amsterdam and its amazing it helps me sleep, anxiety issues, and hunger. Easily one of my top 3 strains indica heavy and couch locked, smells skunky, and lots of crystals and red hairs... It was very brittle but could of been over cured. A+ *IndicaXtina* 420 nurse*

Smoked this from a coffee shop In Rotterdam. Extremely hard to come across. Very strong indica presence, if you smoke enough it's potent enough to induce almost total paralysis. Both me and my parter were couchcomma'd for about 2 hours.

So I bought this strain as Dutch Queen From Cinder on mullan The grower was Buddy Boy Farm. Sativa doesn't say hybrid Thc 21.9percent THCA 19.8percent CBD 0.35percent Piney, skunky smell, Same semi piney taste. lnstant head high, Its foggy though. The Dutch Queen I rate a 3 as I do not like the foggy feeling of it, the taste is ok and the smell is decent. The high is nice energizing. I will try to get to Moses lake to get the real Royal queen.

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