Sour Cherry Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Though its name suggests a blend of Sour Diesel and Cherry Pie, in fact Sour Cherry descends from Sage 'N' Sour OG and Buddha's Sister, both Dutch hybrids. The smell is unique and not entirely pleasant, with strong notes of cherry and rotten fruit. This strain tastes of cherry, lemon, lime, and menthol, as well as sour notes of whiskey. Sour Cherry is a sativa/indica hybrid with an unknown ratio of sativa to indica, though the effects lean toward indica. There's no publicly available data on THC levels in this strain, and the same goes for CBD contents, but the lack of information on CBD alone suggests Sour Cherry isn't a great choice for patients who need that chemical to treat seizures or other conditions. The THC, however much there may be, produces a strong, calming body buzz that's ideal for relieving the symptoms of low mood, chronic physical pain, and sleepless nights. Reports on adverse effects are hard to come by, but users can expect red eyes and dry mouth, as well as possible paranoia and dizziness. Sour Cherry can be found in a handful of dispensaries in Oregon but isn't popular much of anywhere.
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Here in NJ it's being called Cherry Sour by Curaleaf and it's Indy dominant strain. It's really good to me, helps to relax and calm my anxiety. I have bad insomnia with excitable symptoms and it's horrible. But this at least puts me to sleep and greatly increases my appetite. So for me it's smoke a bowl, have a snack and I'm out for a few hours. Better than none then sleeping all day. Give it a try if you need a heavy Indy 🥴

Amazing strain. Tastes great, great high both body and head. I usually don't like sour strains, but I love cherry pie and this combination is killer.

newbie to vap but I just had my gallbladder out,,, nice pain reliever

I found the body buzz a deep pleasant sort of hum that just went on and on, and there was a great mellow and uplifting, happy head effect. Among my favorite strains. I had stored it for a couple of years or maybe even three, so it was old when I vaped it recently. Long-lasting!

I just polinated sky Walker of n sour cherry and got 300 seeds going to call it red sky of 4 more weeks of flowering to go

Good dank alright, does taste like sour citrus.

great for pain, insomnia, and an enjoyable, uplifting high

I have fibromyalgia. This strain works well for me.

All good things from spark to finish

As described the aroma was unpleasant while growing. I complained a few times lol but after drying and curing it is by far my favorite of my crop.

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