Cherry Pie Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 16% - 24%, CBD: 1%

Cherry Pie is a indica dominant hybrid of Grand Daddy Purple and Durban Poison. Although it is hard to find the authentic version of this particular medical marijuana strain, it definitely will not be hard to believe that this is the best type of strain. In structural composition, it has dense buds with orange hair all over and displays a slight tint of purple. Inspiring the name of this medical marijuana strain, the aroma is that of cherry pies. It is most commonly used by patients who are suffering from evident symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, migraines and other stress-oriented syndromes. Although it may cause dry eyes and mouth upon use by the patient, it definitely helps in elevating the level of euphoria, relaxing body and mind, uplifting moods and focusing the conscience. For patients who are specially looking for something that would ease muscle stiffness and related ailments, this can definitely prove its rescuing ability. Conclusively, this is the best kind of medically favorable marijuana strain that patients prefer above all others; it diminishes the above mentioned syndromes in the most relaxing order and even though sedation may cause irritation, but its value is still undeniable.

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Great strain. Billed as a 80/20 indica, it felt more like a 50/50 to me. Great smoke for daytime or evening. Really gets you aroused and is Great for sex

The flower smells good and smoothe toke. The flower is better than the oil.

Great strain nice cherry ๐Ÿ’ taste not to overwhelming and the high was outstanding..definitely a creeper

Smooth & Moderate-Strong high Amazing taste! Hints of cherry High Indica content, couch-locker, good for watching TV/Gaming Good for sleeping. No anxiety Only downside is the batches I've had havent been 10/10 strong but still packed a solid punch

It has a great euphoric high that will put you in a dimension that had me introspective. Plus it's indica effects kicked my ass as well. My favorite high and smells like an actual cherry pie. Buy it.

very good strain helps with pain will put u to sleep if u smoke enough of it but great high will last for sometime very happy with it

As advertised, the photo shown of the bud looks exactly like the buds ๐Ÿ˜Š. Thatโ€™s honest quality

Two of my favorite strains. Durban Poison keeps any anxiety at bay, and the Grand Daddy Purple really helps with my neck and shoulder pain (I'm a software engineer, so in a chair and trying to work on my posture). Really talkative strain, and still retains all the good indica effects. Solid strain, can't go wrong, so pick it up if you can find it!

first time smoking cherry pie kush I loved it helped my lower back pain and sore muscles

Lovely dark forest green nugs with hints of purple peaking from under the huge amounts of golden trichs all over. One of the more kiefy buds ive seen in recent memory. The smell and taste are very similar, Berry on the inhale and berry-Earthy exhale. All in all, It tastes decent however for me what shines on this one is that it really does provide a lot of good medicinal benefits. I have been smoking this one all day and feel good. I am relaxed but not sleepy. I am not in any pain whatsoever and still alert to work all day even though I started my first bowl at 5am this morning with coffee. I'm an all day every day smoker and I will say that you get the benefits from this indica hybrid without the couch lock and heavy sedation that leads to a mid day nap. Made it through my dreaded 3pm crash period without any trouble. Cherry Pie is a great balance of the indica dominant traits and I would recommend for people who are seeking an indica all day smoker and need relief with a clear head.

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