Spiderbite Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 21%

Spiderbite by Dynasty Seeds is a three-way genetic combination of Cinderella 99, White Widow, and Super Silver Haze. It's mostly sativa, but the exact sativa/indica ratio isn't widely known. Available tests suggest this strain can be remarkably potent, with THC levels topping 21%. That makes for a powerful cerebral high with a boost of euphoria and a shot of mental energy. Spiderbite can be used as effective treatment for patients who suffer from low mood, physical fatigue, chronic pain, and everyday stress. But it isn't a terribly good choice for treating severe epileptic disorders or other conditions that respond to CBD, as that chemical is in low supply. This strain tastes and smells of sweet citrus, with additional notes of pine, Skunk, spice, and Haze. The nugs are light green, sticky, and fuzzy with resinous trichome crystals. There are few public reports detailing the side effects of Spiderbite, but dry mouth and red eyes are typical with most marijuana strains. This strain is a regional specialty out of Portland, Ore., and that's about the only place it can be found.
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Awesome for pain

One of the best strains I've ever smoked

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