Star Tonic Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 9%, CBD: 15%

Star Tonic is an extremely rare evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through crossing the infamous Death Star X Cannatonic strains. This bud is beloved for its high CBD level of 12-15% on average and relatively mild average THC level of 9%. Its effects are relatively mellow in nature due to its high CBD and low THC content, with a mildly euphoric effect that hits first in the head with a light buzzy warming feeling. This high doesn't build much, but rather leaves you in a relaxed state in both mind and body with the freedom to function without any mental or physical pain. You might feel slightly more focused with a tendency to have bouts of rousing creativity, although this never overpowers your sense of utter ease. These effects and its THC to CBD content make Star Tonic the perfect bud for treating conditions such as mild to moderate cases of depression, chronic stress, muscle spasms or cramps, migraines or tension headaches, and inflammation. This bud has tiny airy leafy pebble-shaped light minty green nugs with thin clear amber hairs and a light coating of tiny crystal clear trichomes. It has a pleasant aroma of earthy citrus and sweet pungent skunk, with a flavor of sweet citrus accented by an aftertaste of pungent earthy skunk.
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Wonderful stuff, personally cant touch this at night, but if i got a job thats needs to be done, one rip and im speedy gonzalez. Not quite what most people advertise about the strain but it can definitely inebriate.

First time experiencing a high CBD strain. Tasted rather dull & somewhat dry, but smooth nevertheless (convection vape). 1 draw & 10 minutes later I could feel the THC kick in, although relaxing f not too strong. 10 more minutes & I could feel the mind/body relaxing effects. Very mellow, but not couch locked. Happy buzz, but I can definitely see how this would be a great strain to help with insomnia. Very good bud that I would seek out again. Glad I bought an 1/8th.

One of my favorites!! Mixed with Citrique gave the best high I've ever had. The perfect mix to relax you and help improve overall functionality throughout the day. Mixes well with other strains with higher THC levels if that's what you crave. General happy buzz with great pain relief

Just tried this strain.... great medicine!!

Love it! Been looking for a great CBD ..found it! THC level is low enough to keep you centered and happy! CBD level is great....took my stress right away.

great body buzz and stress reliever!

This is the first high CBD strain I've smoked. I've been a regular toker of higher THC strains for the past 15 years. This experience with startonic has helped me tremendously with my anxiety. It's a great smelling bud! It's hard to come by higher CBD strains it in Michigan. I have epilepsy and suffer from occasional anxiety and depression because of it. I've been vaping the green garden CBD oil 300mg for three months now and it's made me a believer in the positive effects. This is my first experience with high CBD marijuana. I'm loving it! Startonic...awesome!

Pretty low thc level, but really sick cbd. It doesn't really get me lifted, but just kinda leaves me happy and a little bit sleepy at times. Great for mellowing out after a long day.

Beautiful happy mellow and makes you focused great loved would recommend it over and over

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