Strawberry Dream Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 11% - 16%, CBN: 1%

This strain is the hybrid product of Blue Dream and Strawberry Cough. This sativa dominant strain hits the head with is uplifting properties. This strain produces results common to Blue Dream. It can be grown indoors and outdoors both and takes about 67 days for the harvesting of the buds. The THC content is recorded to be 16%. The energy stored in this dreamy strain makes the patient feel outgoing, which makes them want to interact with people more and step out of their comfort zone, which is further restricted by the ailments. The reaction slows down gradually, making the person hungry and making his or her mouth feel dry. It is recommended to people who have a low tolerance and do not normally consume marijuana. The high of this hybrid is quite calm as compared to the rest and makes the person feel neither uncomfortable nor paranoid. The taste is very strong which is quite apparent when you look at the name, but the aroma does comply with the name given to it. The sweet strawberry-like smell of this strain spreads through the enclosed area as soon as it is broken down.
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🍓🌬 Great strain!👍 Gives you a very clear headed high and makes you very focused. I can never get stoned on this one. It holds all the characteristics of Strawberry Cough and adds that Blue Dream euphoric to it. Puff.Puff.Peace ✌️

You get that “hazy” cerebral high but you also get a relaxed stoned body It's amazing tasting but that harsh cough lung expansion kind of sucks was unexpected. The coughing fit did make me feel like I was gonna cough up phlegm. Uncomfortable for a little bit. I wouldn't classify it as a Paranoia type high on the onset. But more of a slight “on edge”. Not racy. The cerebral effects were awesome as the harshness escaped. You can tell it has a strong indica influence but without the “KNOCK OUT punch”. Meaning it's not gonna make you pass out to sleep. But I can see if you dose enough it might put you to sleep easily. So what I am saying is it's not an OG Kush. But it is some potent medicine. I can see this helping people with Depression, Anxiety (despite the feeling of being on edge for a tiny bit and no it's not racy or paranoia feeling). Cerebral effects feels like an Uplift but with a stoney/heavyweight to it think of it as being an Astronaut basically it feels like you got a helmet on you but you don't. However, wearing a knit cap on may feel good on this strain. The body effects are mainly in the upper to semi lower region of the back. Shoulders feel relaxed. Head feels somewhat heavy after peak over time.

I smoke this at night just before bedtime -- long story short, Strawberry Dream just kicks my ass. Please understand, I have smoked pot for over 50 years and this pot is at the top of my list.

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