Strawberry Cough Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 80% Sativa / 20% Indica

THC: 22% - 26%, CBN: 1%

Strawberry Cough is a strain that holds true to its name. A sweet strawberry smell and subtle after taste is accompanied by a thick smoke that leaves even veteran tokers coughing. This strain is sativa dominant with an 80:20 sativa/indica ratio. Strawberry cough is said to be a cross between Erdbeer (sativa) and an unidentifiable indica. The sativa prevalence in this strain will lead you to a relaxed and uplifting head high. Patients often use this strain for alleviation of anxiety and stress. Strawberry cough is easily smoked throughout the day because it can relieve all of your ailments without excessive tiredness. The strawberry components are very distinct in the appearance and taste of this strain. Although the buds from this strain's plant can be quite small, they are also very potent. The buds are dense and covered in red hairs and dewy trichomes, similar to the fruit it's named after.
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This bud gets you very excited and aroused very fast sometimes if you smoke this strain to much you get a cough syrup mildew high like you been smoking syrup with pungy undertones with the bristle of the leaves

Pure Fire, great chill strain that won't couch lock you or make you sleepy 9\10

Couldn't ask for a tastier-fruity smoke. High is clean and energetic. Focus material here. In my top 5..needless to say--Strawberries through and through flavors

It was great for me to sell the scent is so amazing 😊

Very nice taste, uplifting buzz gets me creative. I can be ready to jam, draw or play video games, a mostly clear headed high but a good one. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯😎

If you're into Sativa, you'll love this strain. Perfect for daytime tokers because the comedown doesn't induce big time sleepiness.

This is one of the best sativas out there. Very few can compare. Dense, extremely frosty nugs that effortlessly break up into keef, and very potent energetic and euphoric effects. People with low tolerance should use caution with this strain since it will be easy to overdo it and end up with an unpleasant experience.

Always a favorite, Great Strawberry taste with stress relieving effects.

What a great sativa. I must say, I’m proud to live in Ct, near a strawberry field, possibly near the origin of Strawberry Cough. I’m always surprised, no matter how many times I revisit this strain, with how euphoric and energized it makes me feel. I call it my β€œIron Curtain” for depression I consider this one of my favorite sativas, right up there with Green Crack, and Jack Herer. Excellent πŸ“

I've researched this strain and it apparently gets the "strawberry" part from a strawberry farm in Vermont where it originated. So the original genetics don't refer to the taste or smell but a location more than a decade ago. I guess growers have cross bred the taste in there somehow. A great strain, time tested .

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