Tangie Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 19% - 22%

Think of Tangie as a variation on a theme. It's basically a reworking of Tangerine Dream, but with different genetics. Tangie is a cross of California Orange, an even sativa/indica hybrid, and a Skunk strain, while Tangerine Dream is a combo of A5 and the legendary G-13. Though they don't share many genes, the two Tangerines share a strong, sweet flavor reminiscent of tangerines and other citrus fruits. Tangie is sativa-heavy, and though the exact ratio of sativa to indica is unclear, it's probably at least 70:30. That means an uplifting cerebral high with enhanced creativity and euphoria, plus a focused boost of happiness. It's good for treating several disorders, though specifics are hard to come by: nausea, anxiety, lack of appetite, and depression. The only widely reported problems are bloodshot eyes and dry mouth, so this may be a good choice for patients sensitive to side effects. Maximum THC levels of more than 22% make this a potent choice for patients who have been smoking marijuana for some time; it may be overpowering for first-timers. Look for Tangie in Colorado and Arizona, and on the West Coast.
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Tangie is just the weed to be medicating with throughout the day if you need energy, need treatment for depression, or just if you want to feel good all day. The sativa genetics shine through in the best way while still delivering a punch of indica to balance it out. This strain is great for a variety of mood disorders, and offers a heady euphoric high The buds are deep green with almost lime green hairs accompanied by red and orange hairs. The smoke has a strong taste of orange marmalade and fresh fruit and is somewhat smooth on the inhale, making it perfect for those that do not like harsh hits. The dabs are incredibly sweet and taste like sugary orange zest with a distinctly lemony aftertaste and tend to have a decent throat hit. The distillate I tried was so orange-gold and was so thick it looked like metal ore and was moderately runny . This strain is sure to impress any stoner with its incredible terpene profile, and many strains carrying its genetics are notorious in their own right. It's a great strain for anytime of day just when you need a push to get you going. It pairs extremely well with related strains such as forbidden fruit, creating an almost intoxicating fruit aroma.

OMG! I'm in LOVE with Miss Tangie! She makes me feel like I ate some mushrooms but without any side effects!!! I can't wait to go out dancing on this fabulous breed! Which by the way is something I wouldn't be able to do without MMJ because of arthritis. Thank you PA. Finally.

Really tropical and pungent. Little bit and you can get shit done. Have too much and you might get supersativafied. I was a little chilly, and my nervous system decide to make my body vibrate to warm up. Strangest shivering I ever felt. Tangie is a great breed to mess with. Cherry x tangie Tangie x purple punch f2 will also hit you hard. If you like strong citrusy tasting oils get it

Loving the skunky, sweet after taste! Yummy! Very euphoric, sweet, pungent, Piney, mellow high. Love it HIGHLY recommend!

Also more recommended for experience medical users more-so than recreational. So yes, it is great for symptom relief and I can still function great and the works gets done about 50/50 of the time :)

High THC for medical users and Maryland. Tangie is great for pain and it tastes great. If it is not strong and hits like that right away, it is probably not the Tangie Strain. It is called parsley, BTST

Great taste but if it wasn't for that I would of given it one star. Not impressed at all. Kee[ looking is my suggestion. No real effects of ANY sort.

If you find a good one they taste just like a tangerine and put you through the roof, but I have seen many things called tangie that were not even citrus. Real tangie is the shit. Very heady, and very uplifting, social weed. I love tangerine terps and this one has it like crazy.

Thanks so much Excellent description Did a Tangie vape with you. Agree and love it Great for concert going too

Worst tasting Bud ever extremely repugnant and doesn't get you high according to what the taste taste like

Very good smelling and tasting sativa with a dense look of indica. I was very pleased

Good high ,mellow , good flavor/taste. Wish you guys could get some more terpy flavors like cannabiotix in Vegas . They have L’Orange , strawberry lemonade , orange zkittles ect.... plus if you guys could get some terpy shatters , sauces aka HCFSE , live resin all that terpy stuff .guarantee you will get a great response as well .

Great taste, good high, keeps you mellow, wish you guys got Cannabiotix from Vegas .beat tasting Terp flower there is. they have L’Orange and strawberry lemonade that some of the flavors that are mouth watering. plus you guys should get some terpy shatters and sauce aka (HCFSE)

The vape is a Very pleasurable high, a little sensual but strong and a little dreamy but not sleepy. Very good for nausea and insanely good taste. Just remembering the taste settles my stomach a bit. The avb cookies were basically worthless though. Its not really a great value to buy often but it’s definitely worth trying an ounce at a good price (I may be just saying that because my sample was only 15% thc). Sour tangie is very similar but a little more clearheaded. I prefer tangie to sour tangie. I’d like to see a white widow, or face off with tangie cross.

i have put off tryin Tangie for awhile now,...and yesterday I did and regret it! The taste reminded me of creamsicles...which I truly cannot stomach or stand. So sadly I rated it 1* just on this experience alone.

I've been smoking over 20yrs and I smoked Tangie last night for the first time after We smoked 3 burners 2 we're mixed with purp and lemon Kush and the other was orange Kush and after I hit the Tangie all the sudden I had massive severe lower back pain then outta nowhere I was freezing and throwing up. I thought I got the flu outta nowhere but when I woke up this morning I realized Tangie was the last thing I smoked before that happened. I wasnt even geeked felt ok and relaxed then the puking started maybe it was too strong and I didn't notice so I'll stick to the sour diesel instead..kinda bummed

I enjoyed the high, enjoyed the taste, not the cough, lol.. my wife does not like me smoking any skunk smelling strain ;P

Okay I’ve been smoking on this for a little over a month. I have over 30 strains to choose from and this one keeps sticking out in my mind. The Tangie I got was a different mix than most. I feel like it was super skunky with a hint of Orange on the exhale. I crave the flavor. My only beef was it made me cough. It’s s beast flavor and a nice high. I rated this a 4 a month ago. I just added this top notch bud. Don’t let the name fool you. This is no wine cooler, this shit is wisky!!🤪

Good shit. Amazing high.

I got plenty of energy from this Sativa but, the best damn thing about this strain was the taste & smell! Tangerine & orange with some skunk, awesome flavor to me. This strain has won many different Cannabis Cups & I can see why. Don't let this award winner pass you by!

Just tried Tangie for the first time today. I read the description and reviews and when it was added to a local menu i grabbed some. My first thoughts were I got duped. The nuggets were small and round with very little smell at all. I was bummed. But really the smoke is the most important and it was. First I was expecting a fruity type Sativa taste and that didn’t happen. This bud was very dank and skunky and had a heavy Indica flavor. The Orange was very faint on the exhale and the skunk flavor was prominent. This may have been a different mix than some. Love to see a better smell, but this smoked like a champ and the buzz was ample for whenever. Get some and enjoy!🤪

I have tried different strains. This one truly delivers a calming but joyous effect. It’s definitely for laughs.👍

Perfect taste, smell and buzz. *****

My favorite smell and taste wise with a perfect up buzz. This and real sour d are my all time favs

smells like a tangerine Christmas tree a wonderful plant and great medicine

this plants smells like wonderful tangerine Christmas tree it is so pleasant great uplifting and great medicine for sure

Taste is sweet, as in berry sweet with a hint of acidity - citrus tinged is acidity. Smell is berry sweet on instant then hints of spice - not just pepper, touch the nose on finish. Immediate high, similar to PK. Colour is amazing. Purple, vibrant leaves... 5/5 ! Taste, smell, high & only small amounts needed!

One of the best to dab and the most tastey.

Nice quick high but not long lasting

This strain is actually my recently new favourite. Uplifting. Pain relief. It's fantastic. 10.5/10.

Tangie is a good strain for creativity

just got a free 1/8 of this at green house of Mokena il on a spend so much / get a free 1/8. i'm a light smoker. i mean I do it all the time, but just with high CBD strains with a slight indica dominant not over 10-15 percent THC. I really like to enjoy rather than melt my brain and act like i'm fine..... SO, that being said,,, I took one GOOD draw off the pipe. tasted of tangerines hence the name. exhale was smooth as can be. not a cough. I then decided to wait and see how it goes. I'm glad I did because 10 min later I was out of my mind! just stoned, ripped, jacked. the one hit lasted me 2 hours. kind of made me panicky. got some dizziness about 30 min in. leveled out after 45 min. eyes were hashed. mouth just drained dry. if potent is what you are looking then you have found it. I can't speak for everyone else but this is not for me. I have got to stay functional or it feels like I am not in control. I gave it 4 stars because it will serve its purpose for those who seek it. high tolerance or not....and I recommend it to those who like to get rocked, and I solute you.


🍊🍋 A mild, clear-headed Sativa with a very uplifting effect on the mood. Tangie tastes more like tangerine than some actual tangerines I've consumed. It's delicious and unique and is easy to get carried away for two reasons: it's a creeper and it tastes amazing. You won't notice much at first, the effects are subtle. Wait a little while and a very deep relaxation sets in, but not over cumbersome. This strain had me running around and getting things done, and it wasn't until I slowed down did I realize that I was actually pretty baked. I love mild sativa's like this for early morning and afternoon. If you'd like to get a little work done in the evening and just aren't feeling it, a nice dose of Tangie will set you straight. I only gave it a 4/5 because it could be a little stronger, but then again I have a high tolerance. It's still a wonderful strain and I highly recommend it to beginners or anybody intimidated by a sativa because they're anxiety prone! This will show you the softer side of what a nice sativa can do! Limonene: 3.83 mg/g, Myrcene: 1.94 mg/g, Linalool: 1.43 mg/g, Pinene: 0.46 mg/g and Caryophyllene: 3.49 mg/g.

A smooth draw and a great taste compliments the power of this strain. It smells great, too and the convenience of a C02 tank can't be beat.

killer smell very sticky on the bag,slow burn.Lol give u somthing to think about!!!! G.Man

I got some Grand Daddy Purple at a Botanica in Tucson, AZ and really was surprised at how much more potent this was in comparison to the Grand Daddy Purple. It was a distinct and pleasant flavor that I quickly got tired of again in comparison and the tolerance I gained from this led to the Grand Daddy Purple to be smoked all day/quickly.


Amazing. I got this from main street marijuana for the star wars force awakens movie. It came in a jar from harmony farms. ACTIVE: 29.6 level. THCA 28.7. It tastes wonderful. It taste like snoops dream to me with a huge tangerine citrus taste. I thought I was in the movie. I was high the entire time. It has a really slow onset and kicks in like a brick hit yo face.......28$ for 2G of heaven.......Yes please more.

As described above. A very smooth draw

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