Voodoo Star Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Smokers who are looking for the unique are sure to find it in this amazing strain that is oh-so-rare. Everything about this smoke is one of a kind and it is a shame that more users have not gotten the opportunity to give it a try. Very little is known about the background but it is safe to say that it has both Indica and Sativa traits. The high is quite unlike anything you will have ever experienced either. While it may start off on the slow side, as time passes it just gets stronger and stronger. In the beginning it is cerebral and blissful, then it finishes off as euphoric and intense. For patients looking to medicate, this strain is tops when it comes to pain relief throughout the body. A color kaleidoscope is the best description of its appearance, and the taste is organic/earthy/sometimes licorice. It is very smooth to inhale and has an aroma of earth mixed with unique floral.
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My favorite strain I’ve ever come across (16 year exp. / medium tolerance). Note: the effects last awhile! This REALLY helps with my depression the most — as well as my manic ADHD symptoms by keeping my focus in check. The three listed ‘Effects’ are SPOT ON. Cerebral and very focused (albeit a little spacey at times when multitasking too much). So there can be a slight anxiousness because of this. But it’s a healthy feeling of stress because your brainpower feels boasted! Plus the relaxing effect counteracts that if you just slow down and focus on the euphoric and fun whimsical headspace this strain puts you in. I enjoy a small one-hitter of it with my coffee and breakfast in the morning before I hit the bathroom for hella shower thoughts and mentally preparing for my day.

Absolutely amazing strain

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