White Dream Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 24%, CBD: 1%

Two massively popular strains, White Widow and Blue Dream, join forces in this sativa-dominant hybrid (sativa/indica ratio unclear). Like its parents, White Dream has huge THC levels, topping 24% in at least one test. That puts this strain on the top shelf of potent marijuana strains. CBD levels, though, are less than 1%, far too low to recommend White Dream as a treatment for disorders that respond to CBD, including epilepsy. The mostly cerebral high is both euphoric and uplifting, ideal for errands and other daytime activities. There are few reports on the medical effectiveness of this strain, so it's hard to say what conditions it might treat, though an anxiety and depression are usually safe bets. The smell and taste of White Dream isn't widely reported, though the bud has a dark-green-and-brown appearance. Negative effects may include dry eyes and cottonmouth, as well as paranoia, though there's little available information on the subject. Though relatively well-liked by those who have tried it, this strain is anything but easy to find in the United States, That said, California is probably the best place to start.
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This is the only strain I have found, thus far, to deliver everything I want. I get some euphoria, pain and nausea relief, and a bit of tingling in my scalp, It doesn't spin me up nor does it knock me out. It chills me out. Don't ask about taste. All bud tastes like crap to me. Some new finds are tasty at first, but after repeated use, all flower tastes chemical AND like mushrooms, to me. Still an awesome strain. Best ever.

Great breeding and a nice smokin bud! Works well on backaches and some earaches in my eye..lolol I would and do recommend it

Love this strain. I crossed it with Mango & OG Kush for my grow this year, can't wait. Very potent. You'll love it.

My fav strain I've ever had to be honest. Top notch bud right here

it is widow smooth then the blue going what a mix two favorite mix need more

Awesome. Smells fruity - more so than blue dream even, with a more white appearance - like it was dipped in sugar.

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