White Queen Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 20%

White Queen is related to the notorious White Widow. This hybrid strain is a blend of 65 percent Indica and 35 percent Sativa varieties. Being related to White Widow does impart it with psychoactive effects. It can grow well in an indoor or an outdoor atmosphere and takes about eight to nine weeks for its complete growth. Having a THC level ranging from 20 percent to 25 percent, this strain has light green coloured leaves covered with yellowish hairs. It has a very powerful yet calming effect on your body that energizes you at the same time. White Queen can also make you sleepy which is why it can be used for treating insomnia. It has an excellent effect on anxiety patients and soothes away their stress easily. In addition to that, it is commonly employed for getting relief from chronic pains, including arthritis pains and terrible headaches such as migraines. White Queen has a nice, fruity aroma that has a strong hint of perfume. Its taste is very strong and pungent and is a heavy mixture of diesel and lime flavours. A majority of its users have rated it as an A grade strain. Its only side-effects include dry eyes and mouth.
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Growing my first Queen. Beautiful lady, pungent (old style!), white with lots of trichomes! Helped my spinal scoliosis and arthritis in my body right away! Starting more Queens today!

Excellent stuff but not the best on the shelf. I bought a gram mostly because of the white color. I don't smoke a lot so a gram lasts me longer than for most people. I still have some left after a year because I like to show it off. No one around here has ever seen bud this white. I'm down to my last few hits as I've been enjoying the great high lately.

I'm at week 8 in flower and they are beautiful frosty nug filled tops and a nice bushy,strain very dense tops and produced a lot of them...First grow so I haven't tried the smoke yet but in my experience if it's that frosty it can't be too bad. HIGH HOPES! I'm a big fan of white rhino and the queen resembles it like a kid sister.I have both in the same grow and the rhinotops are an easy 4x the size.

This is the frostiest strain I have ever grown and the smell is just oh so wonderful.

Easy to grow, decent yeild, nice dence buds. This strain really knocks you out if you have to much recommend to beginner-expert.

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