707 Headband Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 60% Indica / 40% Sativa

THC: 24%

707 Headband is one potent strain. With THC levels that top out at 24%, it's one of the strongest choices on the market. This strain is mostly indica (40:60 sativa/indica ratio), so the high is primarily focused on the body. 707 Headband has Kush and Diesel origins; it's a crossbreed of Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Master Kush. The body high is deeply relaxing, but it's balanced out by clear-headed cerebral effects that keep users awake and spur creative thinking. True to its ancestry, this strain has a strong, pungent skunk smell, with hints of pine. The high is very happy and relaxed, with strong euphoria. That makes 707 Headband ideal for treating anxiety, PTSD, bipolar disorder, spinal cord injuries, and chronic pain. Negative effects include limited dry mouth, while dry eyes and dizziness are also possible. This strain is found mostly on the West Coast and in Colorado, though it's also popular in Canada and can be found in other locations in the United States. Also known simply as Headbands, its name comes from the 707 area code, which serves the San Francisco Bay Area, and the "headband" effect users feel in their foreheads.
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The reviews are true, there is no lie. 707 Headband is the strain that will get you running a marathon race and then realize your ass is sitting on the couch.

I thoroughly enjoyed this stain as an after work smoke. would suggested a bag of your favorite chips or candy a few sodas, music , and moving like a sloth for best results.

Wonderful. Comes in second place right under 1024

I had headband for the 1st time, not only is it a dynamite SMOKE but the aroma is truly euphoric!!

great nighttime buzz.

I have the true Head Band It.s one of my girls that just grows it self it thrives well no matter what goes on with my more temperamental other plants it's the first one in the room to get covered in crystals and is a great producer the buds are large and greasy and you know its in the room because of the smell very stinky. The high is six cups of coffee strong first and then you find your self sinking into the couch your wide awake but have No desire to move. It's long lasting and all your pains leave your thoughts long after you come down. Don't be fooled by lower down grade imposters you will know when you are lucky enough to run across the real Head Band, enjoy brothers & sisters and always smoke in good heath!

Indica dominant hybrid 60/40 & I feel that way a very ralaxed happy high flowery eathy taste & I feel the "HEADBAND" effect


love it,very cool! I get very relaxed with it; my mind does not feel pain. 4 thumbs up!!!!! sirrod69.5

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