Aliens on Moonshine Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

THC: 7% - 9%, CBD: 16%

Aliens on Moonshine is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created through crossing the rare Sour Alien X White Moonshine strains. With a low THC level that maxes out at 9% and a crazy high CBD level that hits about 14-16% on average, Aliens on Moonshine is definitely a medicinal strain that is perfect for treating a wide variety of conditions. The Aliens on Moonshine high starts with a mellow lift that offers you a mood boost and a sense of happiness that's relaxing rather than anxious. As you kick back in utter bliss, a light body buzz will creep up on you and wash over you in warming waves, leaving you pain-free and utterly calm for hours on end without need to re-dose. Its highly medicinal nature and effects give Aliens on Moonshine a great advantage in treating conditions including inflammation, irritability, muscle spasms, chronic pain, and spasticity, among many others. This bud has super small and leafy dark spade-shaped nugs with thin amber hairs and dark olive green curly leaves. Aliens on Moonshine has a truly unique flavor that's sweet and fruity, yet somehow sharply chemical at the same time. The aroma is of citrusy chemicals with a hint of berry and mango that is mouthwatering yet eye-burning at the same time.
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Amazing buds. Fresh blueberry scent and very calming. Ovoid the vaping carts, try to find the fresh bud!

I have multiple sclerosis and suffer chronic pain. I've been on all the painkillers, had ablations, nerve blocks, you name it and nothing helped. My last resort was medical marijuana and thank God, Aliens was recommended to me. This strain has literally saved my life. I do not smoke, I put about a grain of rice on pudding and take. Taste isn't good and that's why I take it with my pudding so I don't even taste. Aliens does take some time to kick in, but when it does, my pain is gone. My mood is uplifted, I feel calm and relaxed, and get some giggles. I also suffer from Bipolar II and this strain helps with my mood and irritability. My legs feel like they are vibrating, which I will take any day over my pain. Being new to cannabis, I highly recommend Aliens on Moonshine!!

Great medicinal strain, got a cart by MFused in WA. Great for pain, anxiety, depression. It's a creeper, but if a serious body high is what the doctor recommended, or it's what you like, give this a try. It's a 5:1 CBD to THC ratio. I like to add it to another good indica for evening, night time use, and a relaxing and a relatively pain free, euphoric chill time(from a nice warm body high). ☺️😊 Smooth vape, flavors of fruit and slight berry. Very nice. I highly recommend it for pain relief, anxiety. Great strain to hit when trying to bring down THC tolerance. Feel really bad for the people who had a bad experience. The taste of MFused's cartridge is smooth, slight fruity, slight berry, earthy. Absolute top shelf when done right.

BURNT RUBBER & WONTONS. Tried Craft Elixirs' Aliens on Moonshine CBD Extract vaporizer cartridge. Sure, it looks nice with its metal mouthpiece and tall glass enclosure, but a dark shame lies within. DARK like opaque brown oil, in contrast to other oils which are like honey in color and clarity. The taste is like a mix between burnt Chinese food and your grandmother's flip-flop. The CBD effects are there, but that taste is irredeemable. Save your money and buy a Marley Natural or Willie's Reserve. DO NOT BUY!

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